You know what you need to do in your business...

Why is it not getting done?



Creative Business Planning & Accountability

Would you love to have the clarity to know what you need to do each day to get where you’re going, without feeling restricted?

If that’s a YES!!!!
Let’s crack on!!!!

Hi! I’m Heather

I help experienced, ambitious online coaches to beat the overwhelm, and resistance by accessing the incredible wisdom and knowledge they already have in their beautiful minds. Together we get clear, get focused, and get Accomplished, through creative business planning and accountability.

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What my clients say…

“I was so grateful and relieved when I brought Heather in to support me with my productivity.”

We dived into my 90 day goals, we set out some plans, she kept me accountable. But most of all, it was just so supportive. At that time, I wasn’t feeing  like I had the support that I needed in my team and in my business.  It was so useful just to have someone to bounce ideas off and to put things into perspective, to support me, to cheer me on.

It really helped me to keep motivated and stay on track.

Patricia Lohan

“Before I started working with Heather I was suffering from bad procrastination.”

I was constantly coming up with ideas for my business and not quite ever finishing them and I was fixated on the small insignificant stuff like trying to get my website perfect. Heather challenged my ideas and made me question whether they were valid or part of my shiny object procrastination. She helped me to see what was viable and what was just procrastination.  

After working with Heather I was able to plan and execute my most successful launch to date.

Heather helped me to approach my work in a different way. I wouldn’t be where I am now without Heather’s coaching. I can’t recommend her enough.

Christina Oman


Tips, Tricks & Planning Magic

A selection of short blogs created to inspire, affirm & uplift.


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Low Energy – When It Hits

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Beating the Back to Work Blues

Beating the Back to Work Blues

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How To Stop Comparisonitis In Its Tracks

How To Stop Comparisonitis In Its Tracks

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