Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Get Accomplished with Heather

We all know that it’s good to celebrate our Accomplishments right?  Accomplishments, wins, successes, achievements, manifestations or transformations it doesn’t matter what we call them, they’re all worth celebrating.

Often when I ask a client, business buddy, friend or family member how they’re going to celebrate after a win, they draw a blank!  So here I’m digging a little deeper into the subject and offering some ideas to make celebrating fun and easy for you.

Which Accomplishments are worth celebrating?  All of them!!!  There are so many things we Accomplish without even registering them on our radar as an Accomplishment.  The more we acknowledge and better still, celebrate our Accomplishments the more we’ll Accomplish with more ease. 

There are infinite things we can Accomplish. Here’s a tiny list to consider.  How many of these things have you accomplished either recently, or in your lifetime?


Signing a new client,

Completing a launch,

Ticking something off your bucket list,

A new job or pivot in your business,

Ticking something off your to-do list,

Taking good care of yourself,

Embodying a new habit,

Reaching a desired state of being,

Reaching a new level of health or fitness,

Quitting something that no longer serves you,

Getting through a challenging situation,

Overcoming an illness,

Starting or trying something new,

Taking good-enough care of your family,

Creating a system,

Using a system regularly,

Reaching a goal whether income or otherwise,

A resolution from or after a disagreement or dispute,

Keeping taking the next step when things haven’t gone to plan,

Beautiful situations or relationships we’ve manifested either consciously or unconsciously,

Staying steady when things around are unsteady,

Feeling the feelings, when things aren’t what you’d hoped,

Being gentle with yourself when times are tough,

Being able to keep going when times are tough,

Honouring yourself and your needs,

Setting boundaries,

Having challenging conversations,

Moving past a metaphorical roadblock,

Completing a challenge,

Gaining a qualification,

Completing a course,

Making a purchase,

Milestones for you and, or your family,

Expanding your family,

Making a difficult decision,

Coming to a place of acceptance about something you were resisting.

So if we celebrated all these accomplishments we’d be celebrating all-day, every day right?  If that doesn’t sound like a good idea, consider matching the energy of the Accomplishment to the energy of the Celebration.  What do I mean by that?  If it’s a small Accomplishment, for example ticking something off your to-do list that wasn’t a big deal then a small celebration is in order.  Maybe a cup of your favourite tea or coffee, a dance around the room, a stretch, or an enjoyable snack.  If it’s a BIG Accomplishment, then come up with a BIG celebration for yourself.  It can involve spending money, but equally, it doesn’t have to.  You need to work out what would be an appropriate celebration or reward for you.  The main thing is it needs to feel good to you.  

Following, are some ideas for celebrations.  Some will sound good to you, others won’t, just pick from the things which feel good to you.  One person’s celebration is another person’s tedious!  I’d love for you to share with me ways you’ve celebrated so that I can update this list and make it really easy for people to decide how they’re going to celebrate.

37 Ways to celebrate

A cup or glass of your favourite beverage.

Order or buy a new beverage (I love creating my own herbal teas so I’ll often order a new herb or two to celebrate.)

Move your body – stretch, do some yoga, pilates, Qi-gong, Tai-Chi (you can find videos to follow on YouTube if you don’t have a regular practice,) or go for a walk, run, or dance.

Play your favourite music.


Arrange or go on a coffee date with someone whose company you enjoy, whether in real life or online.

Spend time with your pet, (or a friends if you don’t have one.)

Massage yourself with beautiful scented oil (or ask someone else to.)

Take a nap.

Read a book.

Sit in the garden or go out in nature.

Paint, draw, knit, do Diamond-Dotz or something else creative.

Take some time to learn something you’ve been wanting to, but haven’t had time.

Prepare yourself some delicious food,

Watch a film or TV show,


Pick yourself some flowers.

Go and hang out in or at your favourite place,

Go window shopping whether in person or online.

Make a vision board.

Test drive your dream car.

Take extra time to do your favourite hobby.

Buy yourself some flowers.

Get your hair and, or nails done.

Book or take yourself out for lunch or dinner whether alone or with friends or family.

Book or take yourself out for tea or coffee at your favourite place whether alone or with friends or family.

Treat yourself to a new……… (fill in the blank.) It might be something you’ve wanted for a while, or a random purchase, clothes, books, kitchen items, creative products, make-up, crystals, oils, whatever floats your boat!

Go to a museum, tourist attraction, try a new activity, be a tourist in your own area.

Book a massage, facial and or spa day.

Upgrade your tech whether it’s for work or home. (My Thermomix, iMac and iPhone came in this category because I LOVE tech!)

Upgrade anything in your home that no longer works or feels good when you look at it.

Increase the hours of your support team whether it’s a one-off or permanently.  If you don’t have a support team, get one, even if it’s only one hour a week.

Hire a new team member, whether for your business or home.

Join a new programme/hire a coach you’ve been wanting to work with.

Book or go on a weekend away or holiday.

Book a photoshoot.

Buy yourself a big gift, whether it’s been on your radar for a while or it’s a total splurge.  (My Montblanc pen came in this category when I successfully implemented profit first. It had been on my radar for about 20 years!!! Read about it here.)

All these things and more are wonderful options with which to celebrate and nourish ourselves.  We absolutely shouldn’t wait until we have something to celebrate before we nourish ourselves whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually.  The trick is, to celebrate our accomplishments so often, that the cycle between accomplishment and celebration becomes blurred, and we no longer know whether we’re celebrating because we accomplished something, or we Accomplished something because we celebrated and nourished ourselves!

If you’d like help to Accomplish AND Celebrate more in your business and life, let’s chat.

Heather from Get Accomplished with heather holding a Mont Blanc pen she bought to celebrate her wins.