Momentum In Business

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Once our business momentum gets going, that snowball effect happens. Yes, there’ll be new challenges, but things which used to be difficult, happen with less effort. So how do we get that momentum going?

Being mindful of momentum can help us to move forward quicker in business and in life. There are many times when we beat ourselves up about things being difficult or not happening quickly enough. When it’s actually totally natural that something would be hard and, or slow at this phase of business or life. Seeing that, we can take the pressure off ourselves, and do what needs to be done to get things rolling.

A car, an aeroplane or a hot air balloon for that matter, uses more fuel to get going than it does when it’s cruising. Try thinking of your business as a whole, AND each of your separate business tasks as comparable. It’s only natural that it’s going to take more energy, thought and time at the beginning. Whether you’re considering your whole business, a new task, process, system, or service provision, it is more than likely going to take a little more effort at the beginning. “So how do I get to the cruising phase?” I hear you say!

6 top tips to build momentum to get you more quickly to the cruising phase.

1. Know that the start is the hardest part, so set yourself up for success.

Just knowing this, can help take the pressure off. If you know this is the hard bit, what can you do to get yourself in the best possible place to start? The answer will be different for everyone. Meditate, do some exercise, do a mind-dump, journal, use one of your go-to mindset tools, make yourself a juice. Whatever it takes to give yourself the best head and body space to start a challenging task. You know what works for you and you know that once you start, it’ll get easier from here on in.

2. Imagine the task or goal as done.

Put your feet up on the sofa, close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and imagine the task is complete, or the goal is exceeded. Where are you? What can you see when you look around? What are you doing? How do you feel? How will you celebrate? This exercise is not a waste of time or flight of fancy. You’re setting up the energy for a more easeful journey from where you are now to getting this task or goal complete.

3. Use your trusty timer to get going.

Commit to an amount of time that you’ll devote to this task or goal. It can be as small as five minutes, but twenty minutes is often enough to move the dial on momentum. If you decide to stop at that time, that’s ok, you may decide that you want to do another twenty minutes once you get going!

4. Break down the big task or goal into small steps.

We often think or talk about a task in one sentence and therefore think it should be easy and quick. “I’m going to do a webinar,” “I’m going to launch my group program,” “I’m going to implement profit first.” The reality is, all these tasks contain many, many separate action steps. It’s no wonder we get overwhelmed and find it difficult to get going. Reverse engineer the big task into all the separate smaller tasks and schedule them in. That way, you only have one small task to focus on in any one moment, and you know it’ll all get done in time for the main event.

5. Document simple systems for all repeatable tasks in your business.

Create SOP’s -(Standard Operating Procedures.) Getting your head around how to do something the first time takes effort and energy. If you or your team write down the steps as you go, it’ll be WAY easier next time you have to do it.

6. Get Support

You could outsource tasks themselves or hire a coach like me for the purposes of clarity and accountability. Otherwise, you could hire someone to teach you the skills you want to learn, or enlist the help of your business buddies. Remember although you have all the resources within to get you where you want to go, the journey can be a whole lot more fun when you travel with others who believe in your brilliance and help you to get your momentum rolling.

The vast majority of overnight successes didn’t happen overnight. We don’t get to see the bit where they got their momentum going. The challenges they overcame or the beliefs they began with. The support they enlisted, or the failures they endured.

Know that if things are hard right now, you’ll get to a point where these things no longer feel hard. You don’t have to go it alone. Make use of all the resources available to you to help you move through the difficult parts. Hire someone to help you or co-work with your business buddies to help you get started. It’s amazing what a bit of accountability and comradeship can do for your momentum.

If you’d like to have a chat about how I can help you to shift your momentum up a gear, let’s connect, book in for a no-obligation chat, we’ll see what we can do for you.

Hot air balloon filling with gas, to illustrate that the beginning of a task takes the most energy to get the momentum of it going.

Photo credit sutirta budiman on unsplash