So What Exactly Is Planning And Implementation Coaching? And Why Would You Want It? Prioritize your strategies with me!

Get Accomplished with Heather

Planning and implementation.  The ‘and’ in that sentence is key! There’s no point creating a beautiful good feeling plan if it doesn’t get implemented.

The Plan – You need to prioritize your strategies.

It all starts with thorough planning session.  I have a comprehensive planning document which we fill in together in an extended intensive session.

It’s such a clarifying session and my skilled questioning helps you to organize your thoughts and ideas, to work out what’s important to you and your business so that you can prioritize strategies and tasks which will benefit you and your business the most. Moreover, we will talk about planning and implementation so it enables you to objectively review how things have gone and distill the learning to take forward with you so that you become a skilled reflective CEO and decision maker.

It helps you project into the future the incredible life and business you desire to create and assists you to break it down into realistic, actionable, manageable steps to help you get there. Additionally, it helps you to create spaciousness and to schedule your tasks, breaks and holidays whilst still providing flexibility, which is equally important.

The Implementation and Accountability

Afterwards, we have the plan implementation coaching sessions. These are incredible for accountability. I have your plan written down too, so I know exactly what you’ve set out to do. It’s a hybrid between business, life and manifestation coaching. Together we’ll celebrate what you’ve accomplished and dig into the resistance around what you haven’t and find ways to gently release it, so that you can carry on getting stuff done. We’ll discover strategies to help you accomplish those things you’ve set out to do, or decide where and how to course correct where appropriate.

Furthermore, we’ll use a combination of strategy, mindset and energy work to get you both feeling and being accomplished.

Not only will you get more stuff done than ever, with greater ease and more space, but also you’ll develop a planning and implementation system and habit, which you can use again and again in business and life.

This work is 1000% tailored to you and your business. Every business is as absolutely unique as you are and your next steps will be different to the next person’s next steps. It helps you to increase your confidence in knowing YOUR next steps and to see your business from a bigger picture CEO mindset.

It increases your confidence in knowing that everything is working out for you, that this is all an experiment and that life and business is supposed to be fun!

Oh and I didn’t mention the 2 x group co-working sessions per week, where we get our heads down and get on and work together in implementing our beautiful plans.

Here are some of the things clients have chosen to Accomplish whilst working with me:

  • Successfully launching and maintaining memberships
  • Launched and filled Masterminds
  • Filled their 1-2-1 spots
  • Launched, filled, and successfully ran group programs
  • Filled and ran successful retreats
  • Upgraded their courses
  • Written a book
  • Rebranded their business
  • Recorded and launched their first podcasts
  • Had their highest income months
  • Significantly increased their profits
  • Improved their money mindset
  • Got up to date with their finances
  • Upgraded items in their home
  • Became way more visible
  • Taken more holidays away from business
  • Became way more confident
  • Reduced their emails to zero
  • Consistently grown their list
  • Became more experimental in their business
  • Became more easy about the things which didn’t go to plan
  • Overcame significant health issues
  • Manifested amazing things for themselves and their families
  • Decreased the hours in their job
  • Changed jobs, business, and niche
  • Lives as a digital nomad with extensive travel
  • Spent more time on their hobbies and doing fun stuff outside their business 
  • Increased their self-compassion and self-confidence
  • Made a bigger connection with their inner wisdom
  • Got more done in a shorter space of time than ever before and;
  • Developed consistent healthy habits!

Furthermore, as a bonus, they take away a planning and implementation habit so they can accomplish whatever they want in the future, whilst having more fun!

What would you choose to Accomplish whilst you were working with me?

If you’d like support to make a plan and get that stuff done, book a call and we can chat and create a package that would work for you. It all starts with that one action of getting in touch. Do it, you deserve it.

Planning and implementation