Working On Your Birthday

Get Accomplished with Heather

Have you considered bringing more Birthday Vibes to your work every day?

Working on your Birthday or not, is a personal decision to make. Do you treat yourself to some dedicated ‘you time?’ Or do you Love your work so much that you wouldn’t dream of taking the day off?

Our aim is to Love the work we do and do the work we Love. We want to get to the point that we outsource the things which are not our zone of genius, so we can spend our time doing the things we love. The thing is though, that will be an ever-evolving process. As we change and grow, our desires for ourselves and our business change. There’s always going to be parts of our business that we like doing more than others.

Whilst we’re playing on the merry-go-round of business and life it can be easy to forget to bring in the fun, the decadence, the lightness, the wonder, the spontaneity. It was my Birthday last week and I was fascinated by the different energy I brought to the day. I gave myself TOTAL permission to do what I wanted, when I wanted. I have set up my business to live my ideal day every day, yet on my Birthday, there was an even greater sense of fun, receiving, allowing, worthiness, excitement, and joy. It got me thinking; “How can I bring more Birthday Vibes into every day?” Here’s what I came up with.

5 Ways to Bring Birthday Vibes Into Every Working Day

1. When you wake up, ask yourself what would give me great pleasure today?

Find a way to be able to do that for yourself. If it’s a small thing such as dancing in the candlelit shower to your Spotify weekly ‘recommended for you’ Playlist, do it!!! If it’s a big thing that you can’t do today because it’ll take some time, energy or resources to organise, spent five minutes setting the intention to do it later. Be open to the idea that the first steps you need to take to make it happen will reveal themselves to you. For help to get clear about the things that’ll give you pleasure check out my previous Blog, (you don’t need to feel overwhelmed to get value from it.)

2. Put yourself first.

Some of us have a natural inclination to think of other people before ourselves. For some reason, on my Birthday, I allow myself to TOTALLY put myself first. Try making decisions from a place of ‘What would I prefer?’ rather than ‘What would be best for them?” every day.

3. Arrange a delicious meal or two for yourself.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be so easy to eat what’s quick and convenient rather than what truly delights us (though of course, those two things aren’t mutually exclusive!) With a little bit of consideration and prep, we can eat healthily and deliciously every working day.

4. Buy yourself, or have Fresh Flowers delivered each week.

Fresh flowers can bring beauty, colour, decadence, and joy to you and your workspace. They scream ‘Because you’re worth it!’ Choose them yourself or give your florist a weekly budget and let them surprise you, why? Because you’re worth it!

5. Allow yourself to receive from others.

Natural givers sometimes find it hard to receive. We can sometimes block the opportunity to receive by doing everything ourselves and not asking for what we want. Try asking for help and expecting who you ask to say yes! If you’re not used to asking for help, start small, you can work your way up.

Bringing the Birthday Vibes into work every day allows our inner feminine essence to receive and luxuriate in the beauty that is us and the world around us. Let’s invite our inner masculine energy to hold this space for our inner feminine every day for a harmonious fun-filled, luxurious, delicious life.

When we’re high vibe, we allow more of the good stuff in. Consciously bringing Birthday Vibes to every day, allows us to let more of the good stuff in. We’ll work more efficiently, we’ll be more relaxed, we’ll have easier access to our inner creativity, we’ll ‘magically’ meet the right people at the right time, we’ll allow the abundance that is our birthright to flow to us with ease. If that’s not good enough reason to bring the Birthday Vibes into every day, I don’t know what is!!!

For more ideas of how to bring more joy into your life, check out Ronja Sakata of Joy Is My Compass.

Heather Robinson From Get Accomplished With Heather holding a bouquet of cream and purple Birthday Flowers