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A Taste of My Musings

There is so much change going on in my world. My foundations are rocked, though in the best possible way. The entire ground floor of my house has had all the walls knocked down and rebuilt. Re-tiling is taking place as I write.

We’ve moved upstairs therefore life is cramped. It is clear to see what a wonderful transformation is occurring and what an incredible, dreamy space we’ll have once the work is finished. We’re up-levelling our space and it’s super exciting, whilst a little cramped and unsettling.

Discomfort is much easier to manage when we can see clearly what’s coming on the other side. Often in business and life, challenges or discomfort come without the foresight of the great things which will follow. This can make the challenge and discomfort even harder to move through.

If we can remind ourselves that ‘this too shall pass,’ that what we’re experiencing right now will take us to, and through our next up-level, we can be a little more compassionate with ourselves, and find the positives in the experience as we navigate the challenge.

If you’re in the middle of a challenge and finding it hard to see what might be on the other side, reach out. Let’s have a virtual cuppa.

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