Hi! I’m Heather!  It’s great to connect!

I’m a British, celery juice drinking, planning & productivity junkie, wife & dog Mum, lover of travel and 5* hotels. Living the dream in the French countryside.

Get Accomplished

Clarity & Action

I help experienced, successful, fun-loving online coaches to drop procrastination, shiny object syndrome, comparisonitis, overwhelm, fear, inaction, and team troubles.  

One of my favourite things is clarity, I Love to help my clients get clear, get a plan, and to create the space to get that plan into action. Business momentum increases exponentially, allowing that all important profit to flow with more ease, more joy and more fun.



Some kind words

What my clients are saying

“I always have so many ideas that I overwhelm and scare myself.”

Since working with Heather, I have been able to focus on the next steps that I need to take to help my business grow and I procrastinate a lot less. I have taken positive action. 

I have accomplished the long term goals I set at the start. 

Josephine Hughes

“Before I started working with Heather, with so many plans and projects.  I had a big mess in my head!

I have accomplished more in 6 month than in 2 years before! I’m in the flow and surfing all the waves. I get ahead so quickly and smoothly.  I hated to be organized, because I loved to call myself  a chaotic artsy type.

Now I can still feel my creativity, but with the organized part nailed, I feel free and I get SO MUCH DONE!”

Ronja Sakata

The backstory

Goodbye overwhelm

I do what I do because learning how to create a clear plan helped me SO much to get the wealth of knowledge and ideas which were circling round in my head, down onto paper and scheduled in a way that enabled me to finally get the stuff done, without overwhelm.  

I noticed, how many peers had created a great plan, and knew their strategy, yet in many cases, didn’t get round to putting much of  it into action.  After helping a coach with her plan one day, she said to me, ‘you’ve given me my life back.’  I was blown away by the huge impact something that I found relatively easy had on someone else’s life and business.

I discovered my zone of genius was in helping people, not to just formulate their plan from all the knowledge and wisdom they already have, but also to support them to consistently take steps forward to get the stuff done and move through the challenges as they arose.

I developed simple systems that enable me to stay out of overwhelm and keep my business momentum going – which, if I follow them, keep my business and life on track.  I  love to share these hacks because life is supposed to be easy and fun for all of us!!!

My background in holistic health and counselling marry beautifully with this work as I’m able to support people at a deep level in both business and in life.  I’m also an avid fan of Abraham-Hicks and have successfully upgraded my life in a multitude of ways by practising their teachings.  I’m a manifesting maven!

‘Life is a journey,’ sounds cliched, but it’s so damn true. I’ve found the journey is way easier when we have someone who gets us, and cheers us on –  no matter what, by our side.  I’ve been fortunate to have some AMAZING mentors over many years, I think that’s why I LOVE being a cheer leader and I LOVE seeing people Accomplish their dreams, goals and visions.  I also LOVE helping people to overcome challenges as they arise, whether practically, emotionally, or energetically.  I think when you’ve been helped, you just want to pay it forward.  Well I do, anyway!

Let’s Feel……


Feel Inspired, & on track, whilst taking positive action.


Rediscover your significance, whilst being gently yet powerfully challenged. Be courageous.


Experience calm, relaxation, clarity, relief, & spaciousness. Feel lighter. Enjoy life inside AND outside of business.


Be focused, productive, in control & achieve those long term goals.


Let’s get your big girls business pants on, so that you feel as accomplished as other people already perceive you to be!  Let’s get you back to being a proud CEO.


Allow yourself to be cheered on, encouraged, &  acknowledged.  You’ve got this!