Are You Having A Business Disaster?

Get Accomplished with Heather

Things didn’t go to plan? Feel like you’re having a business disaster? You can plan your way out of things not going to plan! Here’s how.

When business disaster strikes, all hell can break loose. Both practically and in our minds. A business disaster can mean totally different things for different people. If it feels like a disaster to you, it’s irrelevant what someone else would feel about it. For sure, it could undoubtedly be a lot worse, but if it feels bad, you need to take action to remedy the issue.

Whether your launch has nose-dived, your tried & tested client attraction process has mysteriously stopped working, you’re unable to work due to illness or other outside ‘life has happened’ situations. Your income has dipped, your team member is causing you more of a headache than a help, or you’ve just plain lost your mojo. All of these things can feel totally overwhelming and disempowering. Taking the reins can help you to get back to feeling empowered and seeing the results you want to see.

5 solid ways to plan your way out of a business disaster

1. Get really clear about what has actually happened.

Write it down, talk it out with a coach or business buddy, or do both. We can be prone to catastrophising and it helps to get clear about what is really going on.

2. Identify what you think went wrong or what you could have done differently.

There’s no such thing as failure, only amazing opportunities to get even clearer about what we do want in the future. Use this as a learning experience for next time you run into this issue or similar.

3. Identify what you think are the consequences of what has happened.

Both that have already happened, AND what you think will happen as a result going forward. Ask yourself is this true? Again, write it out, or talk it over with a trusted business confidant.

4. Brainstorm multiple ideas of how you could address this issue.

The more the merrier. Even ‘silly’ ideas that you know you’ll never execute. It’s just a way to get the brain working creatively and encouraging it to think out of the box. Again, two brains are often better than one, especially if you’re feeling ‘blaahhh.’ Ask your business buddies for ideas.

5. Write down the steps you will take to address this issue or get back on track.

Remember to include who you need to enlist to help. You don’t have to solve this yourself. Asking for help can be challenging for many of us. There are tons of people who could help you with this, both practically and emotionally. Utilise them, send them a message or pick up the phone.

Once you’ve made a list of steps you just need to steadily make your way through the list. Remember you can add things and remove things as more information comes to light. It’s amazing how taking small action steps takes us to where we want to go.

What feels like a disaster right now, is an incredible learning opportunity. If nothing else, you will get to know yourself better if you’re open to the gold that’s within. If you’d like a quick pick me up, check out my free Lift-Off process, or book in a session with me. I am at your service.

Heather Robinson from Get Accomplished With heather pulling a 'oh no' face!