Brain Dumping as an Overwhelm Shifting Tool

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Life and business can be overwhelming.  We have so much to do, so many choices to make, and a finite amount of time available to us.  Brain Dumping is a quick and easy tool to shift us.

Brain dumping is a simple and easy tool which can bring us instant clarity and relief from overwhelm. It also makes it way easier to prioritise.  It’s a simple yet powerful process which is available to us all at any time. 

No matter how good or bad our systems are in our business, there will always be more stuff which comes up for our consideration or action.  When we try to hold all this “stuff” in our head, things can become blurry, fuzzy, or overwhelming. We can begin to feel like we’ve got too much on our plate. Like there’s way too much to do, or that we can’t cope.

Fortunately brain dumping can bring us instant and powerful relief from these crappy feelings. It’s easy, simple, free and there are several ways to do it so pick which one works for you.

6 Different ways to execute a brain dump –

  1. Make a List – Simply list everything that’s on your mind, keep writing until there’s nothing left to write.  You can hand write it, or do it on your phone or laptop.

  2. Mind Map – Grab a piece of paper (the bigger the better) and write everything on your mind in circles all over the paper.  You can colour code each item/theme, and draw lines between items which are related. For example, you may have several things you need to do in town. So you write town in one circle, and each of the things you need to do in town gets written in a circle surrounding the ‘town’ circle and join them up. (see photo illustration.)

    Example of a mind map brain dump
  3. Dot or Bullet Points – similar to writing a list, but possibly less comprehensive and more focused.  It’s a way of getting your main thoughts on a particular subject or project, out of your head and recorded. You can then see what you’re working with and what your priorities are with more ease.

  4. Print a Whelm wheel – For when you’re wanting a holistic overview of everything you’ve got going on or desire to have going on in your life and business,  (Check out this blog post) I’ve created a beautiful mind map base for you to print off, stick together and make your own. It gives you all the areas of your life that you might need to consider in order to create a well grounded, stable and abundant life and business.  If you’d like a copy, download it here.

  5. Use an Organisation App – There are many digital options available. Trello, Asana, Slack, Evernote to name but a few. You’ll find tutorials on You Tube to see which one might work best for you.
  6. Write on Post it Notes – These are really good to get all your ideas down, and then be able to move them around as you tick them off, or decide to make them of higher or lower importance to you right now.

Use whichever form of brain dumping works for you.  A different method may well work better for you, at different times.  The mind mapping versions as opposed to the linear versions often allow our beautiful brains to get more creative in their thinking and using colour is always more fun – don’t you think?   

Whichever methods you choose, have fun with it and notice how your body feels as you begin to get those things down on paper.  Notice the space you create in your mind and see how much easier it is to prioritise as a result!

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Heather from 'Get Accomplished with Heather' writing a mindmap brain dump