It’s Not Too Late To Plan Christmas

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With Christmas just around the corner, many of us haven’t even started to think about it (guilty as charged!)

If you’re feeling the stress levels rising, fear not! You can take the pressure off right now. It’s never too late to get with the programme and create the most stress-free Christmas possible.

Follow these steps to take control AND surrender (I love a good dichotomy) to the festive period.

1. Brain dump.

Grab a big piece of paper and some coloured pens (or any old notepad and the first pen you can lay your hands on!) Split it into business and personal, and then write down everything you want or need to do between now and the end of the festivities, and everything you want or need to remember.

2. Cross off all the things that you can.

Sometimes we think we NEED to do certain things when the reality is we don’t. Ask yourself do “I want to do this? Will I gain pleasure from it? What would happen if I didn’t?” Sometimes we do things because it’s tradition, and that’s ok, but it doesn’t hurt to evaluate our traditions and see if they still serve us.

3. Schedule.

Get your calendar out and schedule in when you’re going to do the things that are left. Be realistic. Can you REALLY do all that in that time? If you can see there’s not enough time to do everything, cull some more things or come up with an alternative. This is a really good way to prioritize what’s really important to you.

4. Use your tools.

Whether it’s meditation, exercise, getting creative, EFT, my Lift-Off process, getting out in nature, dancing, writing a list of things you appreciate, or a multitude of other amazing tools available to you, now is the time to prioritize your alignment finding processes. If you haven’t got time, you need it even more. Everything will happen way more efficiently if you gift yourself between 5 and 20 minutes to reconnect with yourself and to remember that all really is well.

5. Prioritize yourself.

It’s unlikely you’d meet everybody else’s expectations for the holidays even if you’d started planning in July! Put your needs first and you’ll have way more generosity flowing through you to those you love and care about.

The holidays are going to happen regardless of how much you have or haven’t got done in preparation. Let yourself off the hook and seek ways to find pleasure in every day in the lead up to the holidays, and the holidays themselves. Whether you’re feeling the pressure rise, or you’re already pretty darned organized, following these steps will help you to have a steadier, more pleasurable festive season.

If you haven’t already got it, grab my FREE Lift-Off Toolkit here, to help up lift you before, during and after the holidays.

Holding a Christmas Ball

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash