Connected Conversations

Get Accomplished with Heather

Sometimes listening in on other people’s conversations gives you a really good idea about whether you’d like to hang out with them.

Here are some conversations I’ve had with other wonderful entrepreneurs. They’ll give you a window into what I’m all about, AND introduce the excellent people I’m chatting with. They cover a variety of topics, life is holistic, I work holistically, they’re not just business promos. You’ll find some vulnerable shares here as well as my passion for planning, transformation, and manifestation.

If after listening, you’re ready to dive in and work with me, – drop me a line.

The most recent conversations are at the top.

The School of Self Improvement Podcast with Christina Oman

I was fortunate enough to be featured on the wonderful Christina Oman‘s podcast. ‘The School of Self Improvement.’ In the podcast, we talked about the importance of discovering YOUR way of doing business. Christina was such a great host. We explored topics such as manifesting, introversion, following our inspiration, and being our authentic self. Chatting with her was a wonderful experience. Check out the podcast here.

Heather on The School of Self Improvement with Christina Oman

A Clear Perspective With Oron & Medah

If you know me you know that I’m a massive Abraham Hicks fan. (They TOTALLY changed my life.) Medah Murtagh was inspired by them too. She began to receive infinite intelligence herself in the form of Oron. I was fortunate to be invited to appear on her podcast ‘A clear perspective‘. We chatted about hidden blocks, jealousy and loving the unlovable parts of ourselves. The YouTube version is ever so slightly less edited, but you can find the audio podcast in all the usual places.

Mindfulness Pilates Podcast with Beverley Densham

This year I joined an online pilates class with Beverley Densham. I thoroughly enjoy my class each week. I was delighted to share my experience on Bev’s Mindfulness Pilates podcast. It’s so important to be mindful of our physical health in order to run a successful business. Bev’s class has enabled me to do just that in a really fun way. Check out the fairy forest meditation at the end, it’s magical!

Expert in the Spotlight with Daria Ates

The Wonderful Daria Ates, interviewed me as her ‘Expert in the spotlight guest’ on her Facebook Page. Daria is a wonderful and wise emotional freedom expert. She helps her clients to silence their inner critic and move their business forward.

Let’s Create Joy with Ronja Sakata

The summer of 2020 saw me chatting with Ronja Sakata Queen of Joy, and creator of The Joy Academy. On her ‘Let’s create Joy podcast,’ we talked about the power of thoughts and the unfolding of my life from long term depression to a really Joyful life.

Episode 13 – Heather Robinson talks about the power of thoughts and the unfolding of life.