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Making decisions enables us to move forward in business and life.  Some decisions are much easier to make than others.

There are never-ending decisions to be made on a daily basis.  Sometimes the sheer number of decisions we need to make can lead us into overwhelm. 

Another stumbling block I often see is when we are so worried about making the ‘right’ decision, or not making the ‘wrong’ decision, that we can end up in ‘analysis paralysis’ and waste precious time and energy staying stuck exactly where we are.

If any of this rings true for you, don’t worry, it’s incredibly common and part of being human.  There are ways to get you moving and to decide what you need to decide with more ease.

5 Simple Ways to Help You Make Decisions with more ease so that you can get more done with more efficiency.

1. Do a brain dump 

Grab a pen and paper and write down everything you are thinking regarding the decision you need to make. Keep going until there is nothing left to write.

2. Decide between just 2 things

If you have the decision between multiple options, pick just two of the options and decide which is preferable between those two.  Then add in another option and repeat until you’re left with your one preferred choice.

3. Consider your decision through different lenses 

Which would …………..

you prefer? 

feel best? 

have the most impact?

make the most revenue? 

make the most profit? 

save the most?

be the most fun? 

be the easiest? 

have the most enjoyment? 

be the most pleasurable? 

bring more risk? 

bring the highest return? 

be the most challenging? 

be the most rewarding? 

bring you the most relief? 

give you the best short-term benefits?

give you the best long-term benefits? 

What are the primary and secondary benefits of this decision?

4. See how each option feels in your body

We can get so stuck up in our heads when decision-making and forget to listen to our inner wisdom.  Take a few deep relaxing breaths, close your eyes, and consider each decision.  See how each one feels in your body.  Pick the one that gives you the biggest feeling of relief, ease, excitement, fun, pleasure, or knowing.

5. Toss a coin

Make heads one option and tails another and then, notice how you feel when the answer reveals itself to you.  If you feel disappointed then, that’s a good sign that the other decision is a better fit for you right now.

Know there are no wrong decisions 

Any decision you make is neither right nor wrong. Rather, it is a stepping stone to new information which will help you to make your next decision.

It’s easy to think there is no coming back from a ‘wrong’ decision. However, nine times out of ten that isn’t the case at all, and in the other case, you’ll find the gold from that decision further down the line, even if it feels like a ‘wrong’ decision right now.

Be easy about your decision-making, celebrate your freedom of choice and just take the next step.  Remember you only need to make one decision at a time.

If you still need help with your decision-making, book a call and let’s chat.  I may be able to help.


Photo creditJavier Allegue Barro on Unsplash.