Fresh Start

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There’s something exciting about a fresh start. We can let go of what has gone before, and focus on the unlimited potential of all the new things which await us.

Today I’m delving into the idea of what a mindful fresh start is, and how they can jettison us into our dream life and business. If that is – we allow them to.

We can choose to make a fresh start in any moment. We get to choose when we start afresh. The reality is though, that we’re human. We get sucked into our lives and our focus gets drawn to all that we’ve got going on. We can get caught up in the mire of life and carry our disappointments and baggage with us. This robs us of the opportunity to use them as the fuel they are, to light up our new path.

Building a system of regular fresh starts into your routine is a brilliant way of keeping business and life fresh and stimulating. It helps you to keep a birds-eye, CEO view of your business and life. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Here are some ideas to help you make fresh starts a regular part of your business and life.

5 Easy steps to bring regular fresh starts into your business and life.

1. Get clear about where you are.

Get really honest about where you are now, how you feel as a result of being where you are now, and what you think were both the positive and negative actions, rendez-vous, or situations that got you here. Journal it out, talk with a friend, business buddy, or coach.

2. Use the positive actions, rendez-vous, or situations, you identified in step 1 to create more of them.

Do what works! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!! When things aren’t yet working as well as we’d like, we can easily throw the baby out with the bathwater. Profit from the things which are working by giving them more focus and time. Write out what you need to do to get more of them happening.

3. Use the negative actions, rendez-vous, or situations, you identified in step 1 to get clear about what you’d prefer to happen going forward.

Getting clear about what you DO want is the first step in moving in the direction of it. If you’re clear about what you want, the people, experiences and information you need to get there will be way-more on your radar, than if you’re not really sure what you want or why you want it. Write down the steps you’re going to take to enable the things you want to happen, to happen.

4. Schedule regular fresh starts in your diary.

Whenever suits you is good! I have a small fresh start every Monday morning. Each week, I run a co-working session with my VIP clients and we review our past week and plan the coming week together. I then have another fresh start at the beginning of every month. I have a big Fresh start at the beginning of every quarter, it’s how I work with my clients we review the past quarter and plan out the next in detail and include the long term vision. Finally, I have an annual fresh start where I take stock of the whole year. Many schedule a fresh start around the moon or their menstrual cycle and the seasons. You get to choose. Whatever works for you.

5. Celebrate your Accomplishments at every fresh start.

Even when things haven’t gone to plan there are ALWAYS accomplishments you can celebrate. It sets up a great energy for bringing what does work into this next period. Celebrating ourselves and our progress is ALWAYS a good thing.

Taking a mindful fresh start is basically another way of saying “review and plan.” Does fresh start sound lighter and more playful than planning and reviewing to you? If so, and you’d like a second pair of eyes on your fresh start, get in touch. I enable coaches and healers to see the bigger picture of their business and life, and provide the accountability and mindset support to get the stuff done that they want to do. Plus, we have a lot of fun doing it! Book a call here to have a chat about how I work.

Running lanes depicting a fresh start

Photo by Tom Wheatley on Unsplash