How to Bring Fun to Your Creative Business Planning

Get Accomplished with Heather

Now there’s three words you don’t often see in the same sentence – fun, and business planning!

The people I work  with know the importance of both having fun AND business planning.  The problem is, they often put having fun even lower on their priority list than their business planning!  They are so busy with all that they need to do and coordinate, that fun often goes completely out the window!

Increasing the fun factor outside your business is always a good idea, but also, there are lots of ways you can bring fun into your business planning process.  When we introduce fun to the planning process, it magically increases our productivity in the rest of our business too.

5 Ways to uplift your planning process.

1. Block out some time to play –  

You and your business deserve it!  This is an investment which will pay you back exponentially.  The more fun you have with it, the more you’ll reap the benefits – honestly!!!

2. Give yourself permission to have fun –

Bring your inner child to the planning process.  She Loves to have fun, is incredibly creative and if you let her, she’ll bring a whole new perspective to your business.  I’m not suggesting you let her run your business full time! Just let her out to play and enjoy her during the planning process.

3. Bring colour to the process –

If it suits you, spread out on the floor, grab your post it notes, your coloured pens, your A4 (or bigger) pad, your white board.  (It’s OK to be a stationery addict!!!) Spread it all out, stick your sticky notes to the window! Take up space! My 90 day plan is covered with colourful hot air balloons because they bring me joy!  Allow yourself to use colour, write big, don’t worry about how neat it is (unless of course your inner child likes neat!)

4. Allow her and you, to daydream –

What would you/she really Love to have in your biz and life?  How could it be fun? What would make you/her feel proud or Accomplished? For your long term vision, nothing is off limits, nothing is too big or too much, and nothing is set in stone, just play with the vision of what would feel really good if you had it?  Remember, daydreaming can happen whilst we’re cooking, taking a shower, in the bath, on the school run.

5. Fun ‘waste of time activities’ can sometimes save time! –

Know that it’s ok to allow some time for those ‘activities’ that other coaches would tell you are simply procrastination, or time wasting.  So long as you’re not devoting your whole week to it, if colour coding your files on your laptop is going to make it easier for you to find what you want in future, and gives you a spark of joy, contrary to popular belief is a good use of your time! (so long as your priority is your profit!)

Business planning can overlook the fun.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s one of the most important elements for any sustainable business.  Planning is an important part of any business, so why not make it fun?

Would your inner child enjoy having someone else to play with during this planning process?  My one on one intro planning packages usually contain a ton of laughs as well as huge clarity and a step by step plan for 90 days and beyond.

Drop me a message for more information or to book a chat to see if it would be a good (and fun!) thing for you to do.  

Coloured pens & post it notes, Heather of 'Get Accomplished with Heather' getting creative andbrining fun into her planning.