How to Get More Done by Harnessing the Law of Attraction

Get Accomplished with Heather

Get more done with less effort and more ease.  Who doesn’t want that right?!?!?

99.9% of women (that’s not a scientific study, just a number I made up from my experience of the women I work with,) have not been encouraged to acknowledge, let alone speak about, or record their Accomplishments at all, much less on a regular basis.  By acknowledging your accomplishments, you WILL get more done. It’ll happen with more ease. It’s because you’ll be harnessing the Law of attraction.

We’re much more likely to focus on: What we haven’t done. All the stuff we’ve still got to do. What we missed. What we got wrong. Where we didn’t hit the mark. You get the picture? Sound familiar?  Even when we Accomplish something fairly big, our appreciation of it and of ourselves, is usually short lived as we turn our focus back to all the ‘Need to do’s.’

Do you want to feel more Accomplished?

Do you want to feel more Accomplished, successful, productive, skilled, capable, and efficient? What if you were to discover that simply by recording your Accomplishments big and small on a regular basis you could not only feel, but be, all of these things and more?

The Universe will conspire to give you more of what you think about (whether you want it or not!) Therefore if you continue to focus on what you haven’t got done, you’ll get more and more of what you haven’t got done.  Your to-do list will multiply, you’ll get seemingly random tech issues, or health issues, your kids/dogs/friends will disturb you, you’ll find it hard to set boundaries, things will take longer than you think they should, procrastination will reign and you’ll feel rubbish.  

5 Reasons to start recording your Accomplishments, how, and when to do it. (So that you get more done!)

1. Like attracts like –

If you acknowledge every little thing that you Accomplish, you’ll begin to notice just how much you DO Accomplish, and the Universe will conspire to deliver you more Accomplishments!  Things will go more smoothly, the tech will work more easily, you’ll find yourself in a good feeling state of health more often, you’ll be in the right place at the right time, things will run smoothly and with ease.  Who doesn’t want more of that right?

2. Develop a habit (your way) –

It doesn’t matter how you manage this, you just need to find a way that works for you, that you can maintain consistently.  You could write it in your diary, on a document or spreadsheet, on your laptop or phone. Some people find recording in a habit forming apphelpful. You could write it in a notebook or on sheets of paper in a file.  It doesn’t matter which way, just pick one and do it!  

3. Do it regularly

Make a commitment to yourself to do this for a set period of time and notice how different you feel and how much more you get Accomplished. Give yourself a reminder, whether it be digitally or with good old fashioned post-it notes.  The more regularly you do it, the bigger impact it’ll have. What can you realistically commit to? Daily? Weekly? Monthly?

4. The more often the better –

Although monthly or quarterly is better than not at all, I guarantee that if you leave it that long, you’ll miss out on tons of opportunities to record accomplishments because you will forget them.  That means you’re missing opportunities for the universe to deliver more effortless Accomplishments to you!

5.   Look at them as often as you can –

When I do my quarterly plan, I write out all the Accomplishments I can remember.  I then go back and look over my daily Accomplishments (no, I don’t do it every day, but that is my aim, and I do it for many days.  You can ALWAYS find something you’ve Accomplished.) I ALWAYS forget a significant number of significant accomplishments even though I record them most days!!! (As do my clients!!!)  If you do this exercise, you’ll get to re-experience the spark of joy that you got from the accomplishment in the first place. PLUS, you’re sending a signal to the universe that you’d like more Accomplishments please!

Regularly recording your Accomplishments, will literally change your life. Don’t take my word for it.  Even if this sounds a bit far-fetched, just try it for yourself, commit to thirty days, notice how you feel, and see how much more you get Accomplished.  It really works!!!

I’d Love to hear how you get on with this.  Drop me a line at and tell me what you discover.

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