Incorporating Your Lifestyle Goals Into Your Business Plan Can Decrease Overwhelm.

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Decrease overwhelm by considering these three things when formulating your beautiful business plan.

Trying to plan your biz without incorporating your lifestyle outside your biz is a recipe for overwhelm. Feelings of failure anybody?

Life is holistic and your plan needs to be too.  Trying to plan your biz without considering your lifestyle, and lifestyle goals and dreams, is like trying to walk through life after chopping off a leg!  It’s doable, but way more difficult.  

If your plan is 100% biz focused, your best healthy eating/lifestyle intentions may slip. Your family may become neglected, your self care may go out the window. You might find the only place you have fun is IN your business. You might even find you’re not having much fun at all! 

The good news is, it’s easy to incorporate your lifestyle goals into your biz plan. That way, all the things that are important to you get some focus all in one place – goodbye overwhelm!

3 Key Considerations when writing your business plan –

1. Get Clear On Your Priorities –

When thinking about your long, medium and short term plan, consider your business, health (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual,)  family and social, plus your personal and professional development too. Document your priorities in your plan.

2. Know That Each Aspect Is Important

Know that all these aspects are equally important because when one area slips, the others won’t be as optimum as they could be.  Giving consideration and focus to all these aspects, gives us the stability we need to Accomplish to our fullest potential. 

3. Know Why We’re Doing What We’re Doing –

It’s way easier to set appropriate boundaries when we have a really clear reason, as to why we are doing what we’re doing.  This gives us more time and space to do ALL the things that are important to us.

Knowing that it’s not only ok, but a damn good idea to plan our biz holistically, helps us to create the life and business of our dreams, where we can be happy, healthy AND highly profitable.  You can have it all, it just takes some dedicated focus, some patience, a plan, some self compassion and the right support. 

Check out this post for a practical process to help you get clear on your holistic priorities.

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Heather from 'Get Accomplished with Heather' with her daily pint of celery juice, showing lifestyle goals are as important as business goals