Introducing The Get S**t Done Cycle

Get Accomplished with Heather

There’s a creation process around getting s**t done. Identify where you are in that process to move forward with more ease in business and life.

A model showing a process of a cycle of how online coaches Get S**t Done.

We start with a plan that lights us up.

An aligned plan is congruent with us, our business and our dreams. Without that in place, we can lack clarity, focus and direction.

Once we have a beautiful PLAN in place, we need to …


So that we can allow our plan to manifest into reality. Both to implement the plan, but also to revisit the plan to review and course correct. This requires a certain level of…


on two fronts; 1) Practical strategies, processes and systems, and 2) mindset or energy support.

To consistently attend to our practical strategies and mindset needs, we need to be….


To ourselves. Some people can do this with relative ease, they can move around the cycle from plan to self-management, back to plan and so on.

Others need support. There are many ways to find support. Friends or family may help, but do be sure to find people who understand your industry and challenges. Often business buddies and PEER support will be a better option. This can be in a self-led mastermind, regular meetings – either in person or online or within a group program for example. Otherwise, you could task a suitable team member with the job. For many this is enough to support the self-management and accountability to create the plan, self-manage and revisit the plan.

For those of us who find that they need or want that higher level, more personalised and bespoke support and accountability, a PAID coach can be a better option. To get to the point where self-management of planning, and implementing the practical and mindset strategies may be the goal. Equally, it might be that you enjoy the 1 on 1 support of having someone by your side cheering you on, helping you see the wood from the trees, keeping you on track and who really wants to see you succeed.

Many of us like a combination of self, peer and one on one accountability. Many of my clients work with me to keep moving around this cycle, whilst also hiring a specialist in areas where it becomes apparent that there would be a good return on investment for their business.

The ‘Get shit done cycle?’ Where are you stuck?

  1. Do you have a clear good feeling plan?
    Yes? congratulations – you’ll be more likely to stay on track and reach your goals. If not, can you create one? If no, this is where you’re stuck on the ‘Get Shit Done Cycle.’ Get some help to create one. The clarity you can gain is priceless.
  2. Do you show up consistently for your business, clients, and audience?
    If yes congratulations!!! You’ll certainly reach your dreams one step at a time. If not, you are probably needing practical strategies or Mindset support to help you nail it! Check out my other blog posts for more hints and tips.
  3. Who can hold you accountable?
    Who can help you to put into place the practical strategies and do the mindset work needed to get your plan off the paper and into the world? If you can hold yourself accountable – congratulations!!! Did you know that many people probably look at you in awe???

    If you’re like the rest of us and need some support to be accountable for that self-management, do you have external accountability in place? Whether that be peer or paid support? If yes, is it working? Yes? Fantastic, you’ll gradually (or quickly!) allow your plan to come to fruition and hopefully enjoy that process.

    If no – this is where you’re stuck on the ‘Get Shit Done Cycle.’ How can you get some accountability to support you to put the practical strategies in place and do the mindset work required? Can you reach out to some business buddies to form a peer support group? Can you hire an accountability coach or coach to help you with a specific issue? You may want or need to do both.

Seeing where you are on the cycle and knowing what to do about it, can be the first step to getting your momentum moving again.

If you need some help to establish where you’re stuck in the cycle, or you’d like a copy of the diagram, send me an email at or book a complementary call, we can have a chat to see how I could help you. I’d love to hear from you.