It’s OK To Ignore Your Plan

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Are you one of those people who makes a plan and never sticks to it? Yes? Don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s still worth making the plan.

We have the best intentions in the world. We create a beautiful plan, and then allow it to gather dust under a pile of papers. It is never to be seen again! It’s easy to throw the baby out with the bathwater and decide it’s a total waste of time. Believe it or not, it’s still worth creating a beautiful good feeling plan, EVEN IF you never look at it again!

I absolutely encourage my clients to form a relationship with their plan. To spend a little bit of time with it once a week to refresh their memory of where to focus and why. To see where the space is available to take those inspired actions and to get really creative. I even run group co-working sessions on a Monday morning for my package clients to make this an easy, no-brainer task for them. However, for some people, the idea of looking at their plan feels suffocating, restricting, and stifling. It might be that your personality and your desires were not fully recognised when creating your plan. Equally, it might be that even if they were, this regular date with your plan just truly isn’t enjoyable for you. Of course, you won’t know until you try.

If you have tried, and a regular planning date just feels heavy and boring, then don’t do it!!! Even though you don’t need one, I give you a permission slip to make a plan and never look at it again. There is still great value in creating a comprehensive, aligned good feeling plan and here’s why.

5 reasons why it’s ok to make a plan and never look at it again.

1. You send a very clear signal to the universe about what you desire for your business and life.

The concentrated time you spend creating your plan gives a very clear signal to the universe about what you are wanting. You get to focus on what’s gone well, so you bask in the vibration of that and beam it off out into the ether. Whatever vibration you’re beaming out steadily, will be reflected back at you in the life you are living.

2. You make peace with where you are.

When you look back at what didn’t go well and identify the lessons you learned from that experience, you make peace with what happened. Making peace with where you are, always releases resistance and allows you to move forward with more ease.

3. You get to be real about what is happening in your business and life.

So many of us think we’re doing worse or better than we actually are. Taking stock of our current reality enables us to acknowledge the wins we’ve been ignoring and the facts we may have been ignoring.

4. You get clarity about what needs to happen.

Even if it’s only the next right steps that you need to take immediately after you’ve created your beautiful plan, that can be enough to get your momentum going. You can ride the wave from there.

5. Creating a plan can be a really fun and indulgent experience if you allow it.

When you block out time to indulge in your vision, dreams and desires, think about what will feel good to you, and break it down into actionable steps, you are giving yourself recognition. You’re allowing yourself to dream, giving yourself permission that it’s ok to desire all that you desire. You’re making a step by step roadmap of exactly how to get there. Even if you don’t take those steps, you’ll have gifted your unconscious mind the belief that it is possible. It will contrive ways to make those things happen. You won’t need to micro-engineer it all. Plus you get to get your coloured pens and sticky notes out. You get to brainstorm and focus purely on you. You could go to your favourite cafe or hotel, you could rent an Airb&b and make a retreat out of it.

I am a planning nerd and spend quality time with my plan every single week. It wasn’t like that for me. I have discovered that regular time with my plan helps to decrease anxiety, give me so much ‘me-time’ for the fun non-business stuff in life. Every day I know where my focus is, what I want to be doing, and when I have deadlines and appointments. It helps me to stay steady, consistent and reliable. It makes sure I take holidays and breaks. I Love my plan and planning, but if regular time with a plan makes you feel uuurrrrgggggghhhhhhh, then know, there is still great value in creating a beautiful, aligned plan.

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