Low Energy – When It Hits

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Sometimes we just don’t have the energy to do the things we’d planned to do.

If you’re someone who’s always had a ton of energy, it can come as a shock that you’re not able to do as much as you used to.  And if you’re someone who habitually has low energy, it’s very common to be down on yourself ‘because you can’t achieve as much as others.’

‘Pushing through,’ although a common strategy for many of us, is a recipe for burnout.  It shows that we’re not listening to our body and the signals it’s giving us that we need to do something different.

You may know logically that pushing through isn’t the most efficient way to get you where you’re going, but if there’s still that part of you that says you ‘should’ be doing more, read on for 5 self-love strategies to help you rest and recuperate.

5 easy tips to restore your energy when you’re feeling low.

1. Give yourself a break.

Give your mind and body a different experience.  They say a change is as good as a rest for good reason.  Taking a break can allow the space for recuperation, but also for new ideas, inspirations, and solutions to come in.  Know the minimum viable tasks you need to do to keep your business going or growing.

2. Gift yourself a set amount of time to step away from your work.

If a week, day, or half a day is too much, and you keep thinking ‘I should be working,’ break it down.  Start with half an hour or an hour and then see how you feel. Is it time to get back to work? Or can you allow yourself another half hour or more? 

3. You get to choose how you spend your time away from work.

Everyone has a different path to successfully filling their cup and different things will work at different times.  Whilst taking a nap or watching Netflix might work for one, going for a run might work for another.  Know that there’s no right way to fill your cup. You get to do whatever feels nurturing to you.

4. Use the little energy you do have to prioritize hydration, nourishment, and sleep.

Being dehydrated is a sure-fire way to lack energy.  If you’re already low in energy it can be easy to avoid taking that extra trip to the kitchen.  

The same goes for food.  Although it’s much better to eat convenience food than no food, giving your body nutritious food will get you back to optimum energy much quicker.  Be sure to eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg.

Prioritising sleep and aiming for 8 hours a night consistently will absolutely make a huge difference to your energy levels. Set yourself an alarm an hour before you intend to go to bed, and aim to be in bed 30 minutes before you intend to fall asleep.  This wind-down time will make you much more likely to get the 8 hours you’re aiming for.

5. Accept and ask for help.

If partners, family, and/or friends ask if there’s anything they can do, give them a job!  Learning to receive is an ongoing journey for all of us and it can be way too easy to try to do everything ourselves. It might be making you a meal, doing the shopping or washing.  It’s ok for you to rest and to receive help.

No one wants to have low energy.  It’s frustrating and can make us feel sad.  When we prioritize ourselves and our well-being we can slowly but surely get back to optimal strength.  The more we put into place the 5 above suggestions, the quicker we get back to our optimal health.

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