Low Vibe Happens

Get Accomplished with Heather

It’s natural that we want to feel good all the time, but sometimes, life happens and the high vibe we’re wanting becomes distinctly low vibe.

Beating ourselves up about being low vibe just makes things worse. It’s our job to take the reins and decide what we’re going to do about it. We often want to jump from feeling rubbish, straight to feeling great. When we don’t manage that, we beat ourselves up even more!

If you recognise this in yourself, don’t worry, there is hope! It’s just a habit of thought and you can change it.

5 Tips to steadily shift your vibe without beating yourself up.

1. Aim to feel just a little tiny bit better than you’re feeling now.

Lots of small increments add up to one big jump.

2. Know that it’s natural, normal, and believe it or not desirable, to experience these lows.

Experiencing what we don’t want helps us get really clear about what we do want.

3. Make a list of all the different options you have that help you to feel better.

Each person has their own unique tools which work for them, and different ones work at different times. Having a go-to list helps you to easily see what your options are. When you’re in a place of not having the greatest clarity, you don’t have access to your genius – having a pre-prepared go to list helps. Examples being, my Lift-Off process, EFT, Abraham Hick’s focus wheel (see video below for an example,) exercise, napping, dancing, Byron Katie’s ‘The Work,‘ colouring, painting, sewing, knitting, dancing, oracle card readings, meditation, watching Netflix, watching inspirational videos, reading, spending time in nature, journalling, a bath or shower, massage, cooking or baking, (I’d Love to hear what your go to’s are.)

4. This too shall pass.

The only constant in life is change. Even if you choose to do nothing to raise your vibe or lift your mood, you will feel better, because we are cyclical beings.

5. Show yourself kindness and compassion.

Treat yourself the same way as you’d treat a dear friend if they were feeling down. We’re usually so hard on ourselves and would never speak to someone else the way we speak to ourselves.

The earlier we catch our low vibe, the easier it is to do something about it. There’s less momentum behind it, the easier and quicker it is to shift. We can however shift our vibe however far gone we are, by choosing what we’re going to do about it, and yes, doing nothing is a choice too. Remember this too shall pass?

I made this video back in 2009 (excuse the low tech!!) It was inspired by the ‘Teachings of Abraham.’ It covers the metaphysical teachings of Abraham, but it also speaks to the idea of slowly increasing your mood little by little. I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think.