Mastermind, Plan & Implement Together

Get Accomplished with Heather

It’s time to take that birds-eye, CEO view of your business. It’s time to get clarity AND take the next right steps; New Quarter Mini-Mastermind at your service!

Would you love to have healthy CEO habits?

In this Mini-Mastermind (maximum of six participants) you’ll develop the clarity to know exactly what you need to do each day. The confidence to know what is your focus now and what you can safely leave for later?

To KNOW that even though you can’t do everything at once because #there’s not enough hours in the day; you rest easy, because you have a brilliant aligned plan which guides you. You feel your steady progress and see the results reflected back at you.

To actually take the time each day for those healthy habits. They fill you up and make you better at your work and better at executing your strategy.

You fall back in Love with your business and ride the waves and the challenges with confidence whilst feeling massively supported.

It is all possible for you.

Hi! I’m Heather

I help experienced, ambitious online coaches to beat the overwhelm and resistance.

Together we access their incredible wisdom and knowledge.

We get clear, get focused and get Accomplished.

We use creative business planning, mindset & energy work and that all important accountability.

So that you can get that momentum going in your business and reach the next level of your success.

Accomplishment Coach Heather Robinson sitting on steps looking into camera

In this Mini-Mastermind you’ll develop –

  • A solid repeatable planning and implementation practice.

  • A clear vision of how your business will look, long, medium and short term.

  • The skill of creating space in your business and life to let inspiration flow,
    have room for beneficial collaborations, have more fun and more pleasure.

  • Increased confidence.

  • Increased focus.

  • Organisational skills.

  • Simple systems.

  • A holistic focus on business and life, from a strategy, mindset AND energy perspective.


  • 90-day plan workbook printable PDF, which you can use again and again.

  • A 3-hour small group intensive to conjure your quarterly plan, giving you massive clarity and concrete steps to take and when.

  • Two group co-working sessions per week, giving you the accountability and commitment to get the stuff done.

  • 5 x further 90-minute small group coaching calls per quarter, every other week to shine the light on accomplishments & challenges, from a practical, mindset and energy perspective.  

  • A Fabulous small group to journey with for the quarter, benefiting from the hive mind, wisdom and experience of your fellow Masterminders.

You Also Get…….

Unlimited, Voxer, Telegram or WhatsApp support!

Use this feature for practical, mindset or energy support, sharing and embedding your wins, ahha’s and accomplishments, or as a text or verbal journal.


Optional intermittent distant Reiki healing, with the intention of taking you with ease towards your own alignment in every aspect of your life.

A ‘Nine Tomatoes Unlimited Freedom Card‘ drawn especially for you at each co-working session. Participants remark again and again of how affirming they are, to journey through the week with.

Kind words about working with Heather

“A powerful container for keeping me on track with CEO dates and deep awareness around where my business is and where I want to go with it.”

Anita Kaiser
Anita Kaiser Wellness

“You always have great insight, guidance and mindset tips, plus you weave in the magic of manifestation which I love.”

Claire Murray
Claire Murray Nutrition

“Heather helps you to plan effectively to get out of overwhelm, and uses her unique capabilities and intuition to help you excel in business, and cheers you at every step along the way!”

Aoife O’Brien
Happier at work

Just 155 Euros per month

Current cohort closed, get in on the next cohort now.

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Not sure yet?

Hop on a complementary call with me,

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I can answer all your questions and I absolutely promise there will be no hard sell.

Just an honest exploration as to whether this is right for you and your business at this time.

Don’t let another quarter pass you by, where you’re spinning your wheels, are overwhelmed and isolated in your business.

Get the clarity and support that you need, to make the changes to create your dream business and life.

Allow this Mastermind to support you to the next stage of your business success.


1. What will I Accomplish during the Mastermind?

It completely depends on your vision for your business and life, where you are in your business, how many hours you choose to work each week, what other commitments you have, how your health and energy levels are.

Clients have among other things; launched their first membership, filled their Mastermind group, had their best launch ever, had their biggest paying day, month and quarter, written their first book, hired new staff members, brought on their first VA, let go of staff members who were no longer serving them, sold out their courses, launched their podcast, dropped a day at their paid work to focus more on their business, got their business momentum and mojo back after childbirth, illness, loss of confidence, developed a planning and implementation habit/system that works for them and continues to keep them on track after we stopped working together, sold out retreats and in person events, ticked off bucket list items, whilst working with me.

It’s all been through their hard work, dedication, courage, determination and willingness to focus, show up, dream, try new things, and take good care of themselves. I help them to do just that.

2. What if I can’t make the calls?

Although there’s no requirement to come on the calls, those who do accomplish more. If the timing for the coaching calls doesn’t work for you, this Mastermind probably isn’t for you. Email or PM through social media for exact timings.

3. Is this program tailored to me and my business?

Absolutely. The initial intensive planning session is designed to extract all the wonderful ideas, experience and wisdom that you already have and get it down on paper. You’ll break down your desires into action steps. It is 100% unique to you.

4. How do you hold me accountable?

There are two group co-working calls each week so lots of opportunity to get stuff done. Plus your coaching call every other week, where we always cover what we’ve Accomplished and what isn’t going to plan. There’s also the Voxer/Telegram/WhatsApp support which you’re welcome to use as accountability check-ins.

5. How much is strategy, how much is mindset and how much is energy focused?

The coaching sessions are tailored to the needs of the group. You will be supported to design your own strategies, with input and suggestions from me and your mastermind buddies. Mindset is key to everything we Accomplish so is always a big part of every session. Your vibration will shift as a result of all the calls, through the focus and expectations held by the group.

6. What if I’ve got big ‘life stuff’ going on.

We create your plan to incorporate ‘life stuff.’ If ‘life stuff’ happens mid-way through the quarter, we support you to course correct your plan. Your plan is very holistic, although the main focus is business, we take into account your goals and dreams in the other areas of your life.

7. Are there payment plans available?

Yes you can split the price into two or three payments. I charge a 10 Euros administration fee per part payment.

8. I have a question that you haven’t answered here.

No problem, email me at or PM through social media. I’m happy to jump on a call and chat.

Just 155

Euros per month


For more info or to register:


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