Plan ‘Wriggle Room’ to Get More Done

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Are you a plan crammer? Do you fill your plan with SO many tasks that even if you get it all done, you have no space left to relax? Creating Space allows us to get more done.

When we fill every hour of every working day with clients, projects, tasks and things to do, we’re leaving ourselves open for burnout, overwhelm, and feelings of failure.  The majority of us underestimate the time it will take to complete a task or project. We end up feeling bad because we didn’t tick everything off our to-do list.  

There are also all manner of unforeseen circumstances which arise in the course of our working year. We can’t do all the things we’d hoped to do at a particular time.  When we acknowledge this as a fact, we can begin to take control. To allow for unforeseen circumstances, so that we don’t get derailed and feel crappy when things don’t go to plan. 

4 ways to use (and NOT use) wriggle room – to help you stay on track and get more done.

1. Decide how long you think something will take and then double or triple it! As you play with this idea, you’ll begin to get more realistic about how long things really take for you to do.

2. Allow time every day for tea & lunch breaks. It’s so easy to eat on the go or drink whilst we’re working when we’re overstretched.  These times are so important for both our physical and mental wellbeing. They are short periods of rejuvenation for body and mind during the day.  Don’t deny yourself these basic rights! Protect them like a tiger – they are non-negotiable.

3. Schedule one or more ‘Free’ mornings or afternoons each week. When you get to it, you can use this time as you wish; for something that’s popped up that you weren’t expecting. Completing something that took longer than you thought. Starting something new and fun. Napping, going for a walk, coffee with friends, or a Netflix binge.  Booking in that ‘white space’ allows for inspired action which is the life blood of an efficient life and business.

4. Consider having a client-free week per month. If it fits your business model, allowing yourself this extra time can be a game changer. Use it for creating, working on your business, or catching up on the things which haven’t quite been ticked off yet. It can be a gorgeous way to create ‘white space’ in your business.

5. Remember that you’re the boss. When the unexpected arises and you’re unable to do what you planned to do, remember this is one of the reasons you have your own business.  You get to course correct, you get to reprioritise.  If you’ve implemented steps 1-4, and you’re proactive when these events occur, you won’t get too far off track.

When we mindfully include wriggle room in our planning, not only do we breathe more easily, but we Accomplish more, feel more Accomplished. We feel less rushed and less overwhelmed, allow a better work-life balance, and have more fun!  Our more relaxed approach will shine through in our work and that is a very client attractive energy.  Nice huh??? 

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