Prepare For A New Quarter With A Previous Quarter Review

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7 Savvy Suggestions to cover in your quarterly review process.

Prepare for the next quarter with a previous quarter review so that you can hit the ground running and finish the first half of the year on a high.

There’s no point planning your next ninety days if you haven’t reviewed how you did in your last 90 days. Reviewing is an integral part of staying on track and moving with efficiency towards your vision, goals, and dreams. It helps you to gain or maintain work-life balance, and celebrate your wins.

You also get to acknowledge what hasn’t gone so well and begin to think about why that happened and what you can do about it. A review is simply the process by which you get honest with yourself about what you did and didn’t accomplish relative to the things that you’d intended to accomplish. And also to acknowledge the extra good things that happened and the not so good things too. If you didn’t have a plan for the last 90 days, it doesn’t matter. You can still review what did and didn’t happen, you just might not be able to measure your holistic growth as effectively. We all have to start somewhere, so now is a good time to start.

Your review can be as simple or as complex as you choose to make it. Here’s some savvy suggestions of things to consider to review and record.

1. Finances

If you’re feeling shame around not tracking your finances, know that you’re not alone. Head in the sand is a surprisingly common strategy for online coaches, healers, and self-employed business owners. If you’re in this group of business owners, put it in your plan for the next quarter. Good money tracking and management will give you such peace of mind and help you iron out the booms and busts of business. If you are tracking – brilliant. Did you meet your financial goal for the quarter? If yes, what do you think were the strategies you used which enabled you to do this? If not, why do you think that was? What do you think you could do about it? Did you even set a goal for the quarter? If not why not? Do you think it would be helpful for the next quarter?

2. Health & Self-Care

How has your health been? How much self-care have you gifted yourself with? Do you need to make any changes or re-prioritise? You can never have too much self-care so however much you’re doing, what else could you do to bring more pleasure and satisfaction into your life both on business days and your days away from your business?

3. Marketing Metrics

Create a spreadsheet so that you can easily see your growth. What you record depends on what are your main focus areas in your business. There’s a balance to be drawn between wasting time recording too many data points that you’re never going to look at anyway, and not recording anything so you are unable to track your growth. Followers, reach, engagement, views, watching time, list size, list growth, click-throughs are all ways you can witness your growth and development. When you see an anomaly in your numbers you can see how you can strategically make changes to profit from those anomalies by either repeating a strategy or shifting strategies. Reviewing these metrics enables you to stay on the ball.

4. Projects

Did you make a start on, or finish any of the big projects you’d intended to roll out? Maybe tech, systems, offers, programme creation. If yes, how did you/will you celebrate? If not, why not? Is it a practical reason? Or is there some mindset or energy work that needs to happen here? Most people I know find things tend to take longer than they think, so don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t finished something yet. You are human!

5. Daily/Weekly/Monthly tasks

How are you and your team doing with those things that need to be done with regularity? Have you been consistent? What changes do you need to make in order to be more so? Do you need to drop some of the tasks?

6. Visibility and Leadership

How visible have you been? Have you been demonstrating good leadership for your followers? What can you do to maintain or increase this?

7. Team

Who is in your existing support team? Are they making your life easier? If not, what needs to change? What other support do you need? What do you need to do in order to get that support into place? If now is not the time, are there interim measures to take steps towards getting the full support you need? Remember to consider business and home. How can you make life easier for yourself?

There are no right or wrong answers with any of this. It’s simply a place where you can get really honest with yourself and see what’s going on, what you want to be going on, and what you can do about it.

Business and life is all an experiment. Remember to celebrate your Accomplishments, and know that anything you haven’t nailed yet, is an opportunity for you to expand, grow, allow and become more of who you really are. We’ll never get it done because there’ll always be another thing that we want to accomplish. And that’s a good thing!! That’s what life is all about.

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