Self-Care for Business Owners -Part 1

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Self-Care is pivotal for the success of us business owners and the success of our businesses. But what exactly is it? And Why is it so important? Read on for a bird’s-eye view.

Self-Care Fills our Cup.

Self-Care is any and all activity (including lack of activity!) that fills our cup. It’s massively important for everybody, especially business owners, who are on one of the biggest personal development journeys we can undertake!

It brings us back towards our centre. Brings us towards alignment. Replenishes us. Rejuvenates us. Energises us. Gets us in touch with the more significant part of who we are. The non-physical aspect of ourselves, our soul, our higher-self, our full potential. The part that sees the bigger picture, the ‘wise beyond measure’ part, the loving, compassionate part. The part that guides us towards our dreams (when we listen to it!)

When we move through business and life, we see or experience things that knock us off centre. A little, or a lot, or anywhere in between. Our self-care practices take us back to the centre. Life and business is a series of movements from centered, to off-centre and back again. Over and over and over and over again. It never stops. This is why we never ‘get there.’

We can absolutely set and achieve goals. Yet as soon as we reach a goal, we’ll experience new preferences and desires. We then form a new goal, whether within our awareness, or not.

The constant movement from center, in alignment, regulated, to off-centre, out-of-alignment, triggered, and the like, then back to center, in alignment, empowered and back again, is the nature of both life and business. It’s a never-ending cycle. When we learn to accept and embody that, the off-center times become less hard-hitting and more manageable.

Managing the cycle.

When life happens, and we inevitably get knocked off centre, we have the power to choose the speed at which we begin moving back to the centre. Realizing or embodying this fact is true empowerment.

When we employ self-care practices, we immediately take the reins to get the momentum moving in the direction of steadiness, from wobbly, confidence, from lack of confidence, good feeling, from a not good sense.

That’s not to say that the out-of-alignment times are of less value than the in-alignment moments. On the contrary, the out-of-alignment times are when we birth new desires and gain glimpses of who we could become once this bump in the road is overcome or mountain climbed. Indeed, the challenges allow us to create a better future with more love, abundance, confidence, connection, vitality, strength, and power.

Using our self-care practices vigilantly, little and often enables us to become more and more resilient. Any business owner knows it’s one of the biggest personal development journeys you can undertake (probably second only to parenthood!) To successfully navigate business sustainably, self-care is a total non-negotiable.

Where are you with your self-care practices? Look out for part 2 and part 3 of this series, where you’ll discover 5 nuggets of wisdom to help you break the “I’m too busy for that” cycle. Plus, a helpful checklist of options of self-care practices for you to explore.

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