Get Clear, Get Focused

Get accomplished 

Wanna know why joining my 3-month planning and accountability tiny group program, would be a really, really good idea?  

You’ll get to –

Acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments. 

You’ll get honest and clear about what went well, what didn’t, and what learnings you’ll bring forward into the next quarter. 

You’ll realise that any perceived failures were actually great learning experiences which can and will take you to the next level of you AND your business.

You get to decide on your focus and strategies for the next 90-days, all of which are reverse engineered from your dream business and life.

You get to feel steady, sure and confident in the coming weeks that you’re working on the right strategies and tasks for you, your clients and your business.

You get to schedule your holidays, breaks and spaciousness.

You create an abundance of time to fill your cup, refresh, relax, recuperate and have fun!

You get to become more realistic about how much you can get done in 12 weeks.

That way, you don’t end up disappointed if your expectations have been unrealistic and you don’t manage to get all the things done that you’d hoped. 

You get to feel Accomplished at the end of the quarter!

You get to prioritise. You get to choose, you get to decide.

You get to take the reins of your business and life and have the CEO mindset during the ups AND downs of business and life.

You get to get all the thoughts that have been whirring round in your head down onto paper. 

You get to gain massive clarity and space to allow inspiration to flow.

Ok, so how does it work?

You get a small group to mastermind with, to support you and cheer you on.

You get an intensive three hour planning session to kick off, then a 90 minute group coaching call every other week.

You get 2 x one hour group co-working sessions per week to get the stuff done.

I’ll pull you a guidance card each week, plus send intermittent energy healing.

And last but not least, you get unlimited Voxer support.

I Love the 90-day planning process so much. And I Love to go through the process with my clients.

If you’d Love to have a 90-day plan that not only feels REALLY good, but the accountability and mindset support to put the plan into action message me at or book a call to chat.

Prices start at 555 Euros for small group support and 1515 Euros for on-on-one.


for Q3 small group  program


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