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I often wonder what’s that special sauce that makes some people successful and others, not so much.

Yes, we all have our own definition of success, but here I’m talking about success in terms of running a highly profitable online coaching or healing business. In the online coaching world, there are people who are killing it and making huge incomes, people who aren’t making any income at all, and a whole myriad of people in between.

I remember reading an article about Denise Duffield Thomas and her success. It referred to her (from memory, I’m paraphrasing here because it was a long time ago so I can’t tell you which news outlet it was from!) as the equivalent of an olympic gold medalist, but in the entrepreneurial world rather than sport.

I was interested to notice that until that point I’d thought I could definitely be hugely successful in the online world. As soon as I’d read that, I suddenly thought no I couldn’t. That there are only a handful of people who make the dizzying heights of Olympic gold medalists, and if I was going to be one of them, I’d be a lot further along than I am by now.

The reality is though, there are a finite number of gold medals at the Olympic Games, where-as there are infinite possible ways to run our businesses and to make money.

Here are the things I’ve noticed about the successful people I know or am aware of. These are purely my observations – no scientific study here!

1. They move fast.

They don’t spend too long in one place.  Whether it be with a mentor, an idea, or even a location.  They tend to learn what they need and then move on, they have an idea and action it and repeat in a short space of time, they tend to be frequently out and about, changing location whether that be moving to their office/co-working space/coffeeshop, or moving locations.

2. They hire coaches/mentors/advisors.

They don’t expect to know everything. In addition, they know that there is always more to learn, they are clear on their goals and they hire people who are experts in fields different to them to help them get there as efficiently as possible. They work on strategy, mindset and energy. Lastly, they know the value of accountability and are not afraid to show their vulnerability.

3. They have a team.

Whether this be a single assistant, a whole team of staff or contractors, or somewhere in between.  They don’t run their business alone.  They’re happy to hand things over for other people to do.  Trying to run your business solo is like trying to run your business with one hand tied behind your back.  Successful people seem to instinctively know this!

4. They believe they deserve good things.

Whether they’ve been born into a (financially) privileged family, so grew up assuming they deserve good things, or started off in a (financially) deprived family and developed this belief for themselves, whether consciously or unconsciously, they all have a deep knowing that they deserve the good stuff in life.  Whether that be material things, experiences, or states of being.

5. They have a healthy sense of selfishness.

They know they need to put themselves first in order to be able to sustain the service they are offering.  In order to be successful in business they need to be as high vibe as they can be, for as much of the time as they can be, and this takes dedication to self care, boundaries, and pursuit of their dreams.  They don’t get too attached to people or strategies. They have a healthy detachment to ‘things’ which helps them move quickly which takes us back to number one.

Each of these qualities beautifully support the other qualities and leads to a beautiful cycle of momentum which brings more and more success.  The good news is, that if you are lacking in any of these qualities, they can be learned, so if you’re not yet as successful in your business as you’d like to be, see if you can identify which of these qualities could do with a boost.  Which of these qualities are the most developed for you, and which need some attention?

During my planning and implementation sessions, the underlying assumed work is to expand all these qualities as we go.  No matter how successful we are, or where we are in our business journey, we can always expand and refine these qualities, again and again and again.

If you’d like to talk about how we could expand these qualities for you, get in touch, or book a call.

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