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So many of us, when considering our business, think that ‘we SHOULD be further along than we are.’  In the midst of our harsh judgment, we can create a toxic relationship with the very thing that we set out to adore.  How is your relationship with your business right now?

When we expect our business to grow in preconceived ways on a preconceived time-frame, it all goes swimmingly when we hit those goals.  But what about when we don’t hit those goals for whatever reason?  Have you ever felt downcast or resentful when you’ve put yourself out there again and received little to no response?  I know I certainly have!  Many times.  It’s part of being human, and it’s part of creating the business and life of our dreams.  By experiencing what we don’t want, we get more precise about what we do want.

“That’s all well and good,”  I hear you say.  But how do I get out of the doldrums when things really aren’t going well?  Don’t worry; I have some top tips for you. It helps to consider your business as your partner, as a living breathing entity, with feelings. Bear with me….

Being part of a healthy relationship requires us to accept that our partner is not put on this earth to make us happy (even though we often wish they were and sometimes fall into the trap of thinking they should!)  

When we reach a certain level of emotional knowing and or spiritual growth in the relationship department, we come to know that our happiness is an inside job and it’s our responsibility to find our happiness, just as it’s our partners’ responsibility to create their happiness.

When two people who know that their own happiness is down to them, come together, magic (and romance!) happens. We let go of codependency and become interdependent. More able to enjoy each other, respect each other’s differences, be open to more possibilities, and have more fun!

So how do we become interdependent with our business and rekindle that romance we had when we first set out on this journey?

4 Ways to rekindle your romance with your business.

1.  Know that your happiness is your responsibility, not your business’.

No matter what is going on in your business or what level of success (or perceived lack of!) you’ve accomplished, it’s your job to tend to your happiness. The recipe for this will be different for everyone. Make sure you’re regularly doing things that bring you pleasure. Whether reading, meditating, cooking, getting a massage, jigsaws, diamond dotz, dancing……. get clear about what brings you genuine, in the moment pleasure and do that regularly, like multiple times a day, every day.

2. Communicate with your business.

Have a conversation with your business. You could do a visualization – just imagine your business is standing in front of you and speak to it, ask it questions and LISTEN to it’s responses. Or journal a dialogue with it, start a new line for what you’re saying to your business, and then another new line for what it responds. Just be open to what you hear. You may be surprised!

You also get to tell it what you’d like from it. Tell it, but let go of the expectation that it will deliver. If you regularly follow the steps offered here, it most likely will, but if not, that’s ok. Your dreams can be fulfilled in a multitude of different ways that you haven’t even thought of yet. Tell it what you want, and then let go of the outcome and continue doing that thing that you’re doing, because of that damned good reason you set out on this journey for!

3. Take appropriate action.

Once you’ve heard what your business has to say, respond accordingly. You’re in a partnership, and although it’s neither of your jobs to make the other happy, we all know how nice it is when we make a request, and it’s granted with an open heart. If it is asking something of you that you can’t deliver right now, explore why not and have the dialogue with your business explaining.

Decide what you CAN do with an open heart, and do that. Commit to your business to do what you can to work with it, not against it.

4.  Appreciate what IS good about your business.

Create an ongoing list of positive aspects of your business. Write a list of all the things you get to do as a result of having your business, all the things you appreciate about your business, all the collaborations that happen as a result of having your business, all the wisdom you gain as a result of having your business. It won’t be long before you’re falling in love with your business all over again, no matter what the results.

When we’re in love with our business, and prioritizing our happiness, magic happens!!!  We increase our likelihood of allowing our desires in more ways than we could dream up ourselves.

If you’d like help to rekindle your romance with your business, book a free call to see if we’d be a good fit to work together and discover more about how I work.

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