Taking Stock This Thanksgiving

Get Accomplished with Heather

Even for those of us not in the US, there’s something in the air about taking stock and noticing the things we appreciate right now. It’s a means to create an even better business and life going forward.

We can get so focused on the day-to-day activities that it can be easy to forget to retreat, and take a CEO view of our entire life. Of course, nothing bad is going to happen if we don’t do this, but we might miss out on some brilliant opportunities and insights if we don’t. Who doesn’t want amazing opportunities in their life?

There’s such a fine line to be drawn between planning for the future and surrendering to the future. For me, it’s a beautiful dance between the two. Getting clear about what would be nice to have in life gives a whole new perspective when people, opportunities, or things appear ‘as if by magic.’ Of course, amazing things can manifest without you knowing that you wanted it, but having an opinion on your preferences can give a whole new feeling of collaboration between you and the universe! It’s really fun!

You don’t need to choose to plan OR surrender to what’s coming your way. You get to do both! By bringing some focus to things you enjoy, find satisfying and pleasurable, and THEN letting them go whilst you get on with your life, you’ll find more and more opportunities for satisfying and pleasurable experiences.

5 ways to dance with planning and surrender so that you can experience success (that is YOUR version of success) AND magic.

1. Know that it’s not only ok, but a really good idea to think about and experience things which bring you pleasure.

It’s not pushy or selfish to gift yourself the time to get acquainted with things you really like, or would like to experience. Just thinking about pleasurable things can be super pleasurable. The world has a smorgasbord of experiences available to us. Why not choose the ones we’d ideally like to have more of?

2. Once you know what you like or want, be open to the idea that it might just be possible for you.

Some things seem so far away and ‘for other people’ that we dare not allow ourselves to dream about having them for ourselves. There are SO many things in my life which I never dreamed would be possible for me, yet here I am, living this amazingly abundant life, doing things habitually which at first seemed like HUGE quantum leaps in allowing. You too can have huge quantum leaps in your experience, especially if you allow the leaps to happen one tiny step at a time.

3. There’s no rush.

Often we get frustrated that we’re not ‘there’ yet. That frustration is often the exact thing that holds us apart from the things we are wanting. When we can know what we want and then gradually, slowly slowly, be open to the idea that we can get to the place where we are a person that does that thing, we don’t have to ‘do’ anything, right here right now. That’s when the magic begins to happen.

3. Appreciating what we already have is the fastest way to get more of what we want!

Spending time basking in thoughts about the good stuff in our lives, and then noticing where we feel that in our bodies, what it feels like and focusing on that feeling, is a sure-fire way to give a clear signal to the universe that that’s what we want more of thank you very much! Surrendering to those good feelings is a pleasure in the moment, and a direct dial to the possibilities that are coming your way.

4. Sign Up for my Free Whelm Wheel Process.

The Whelm Wheel is a great way to focus on what you’d like more of. It’ll help you take stock holistically. It’s a bit like the Wheel of Life but from a slightly different perspective. You’ll get a download with a short training video. I’d love to know how you get on! The Whelm Wheel Sign up .

If you’d like to know more about it before you sign up, check out this blog.

Taking stock and appreciating what we have and choosing what we’d like going forward, is the bedrock of personal growth. Giving yourself permission to experience pleasure and have the things you desire, takes courage. If you’re looking for a coach who can help you to do all this, one step at a time, get in touch, we can chat about how I can help you.

Picture of WhelmWheel, similar to the circle of life but a slightly different perspective.