“Heather Robinson has the best planning process ever!

No boring financials, KPIs and SWOT analysis here.

I went from being someone who hated setting goals… to someone who nails goals and has fun doing it!

Heather keeps me accountable for the actions I need to take and reminds me of my ‘why’ when I get bogged down in the trenches. She’s there celebrating my wins with me at every milestone.

If you want to really supercharge your business this year, get in touch with Heather 😃”

Dianne Wallyn

Content Creation Coach

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Photo of Ronja Sakata of www.joyismycompass.com

“Before I started working with Heather I had a big mess in my head with so many  plans and projects!

I drove my ‘best assistant in the world’ crazy!  She is a structured person! Sometimes I was just lazy (even though I had so many plans and projects) because I didn’t know where to start so I did nothing! 

 Now everything is crystal clear. Focussing on 90 days instead of a year is mind blowingly different to me and my (complicated 😉 🙂 ) feelings. 

Heather’s holistic approach tailored to me is just helping so freaking much. 

I have accomplished more in 6 months than in 2 years before! I’m in the flow and surfing all the waves. I get ahead so quickly and smoothly. 

My Joy Academy is finished in German and English, my Joy Mastermind is filled as never before, I wrote a book (which I wanted to write for 4 years), I got booked for speeches and applied for a speaking-contest…And there were Christmas-New Year and Ski-holidays in between!  

Heather is always my superpower in the background.  At our sessions she gives me pats on the back, celebrates my wins with me, but also gives me superstrong accountability. 

I feel encouraged and pushed and carried and challenged and supported. 

I hated to be organized, because I loved to think of myself as the chaotic artsy type.  Now I can still feel my creativity, but with the organized part nailed. 

 I feel free and as I told you before: I get SO MUCH DONE! Just book Heather. That’s all!!! I’m so happy that I booked for the whole year! Best decision ever!” 

Ronja Sakata


“I always have so many ideas that I overwhelm and scare myself.

I have been working with Heather for a year to help me to plan my business. 

I always have so many ideas about products and services for my clients that I overwhelm and scare myself. However, since working with Heather, I have been able to focus on the next steps that I need to take to help my business grow and I procrastinate a lot less.

This means that I have taken positive action and I have accomplished the long term goals I set at the start.

Heather is so encouraging and she has helped me to acknowledge how much I have achieved in the business so far.  This has really helped me to grow my confidence in myself. 

This year with Heather’s help I have focused on income generation and the coaching paid for itself in the first month.  There is no doubt in my mind that investing in Heather pays dividends in terms of business success”

Josephine Hughes


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“Before I started working with Heather I was suffering from bad procrastination.

I was constantly coming up with ideas for my business and not quite ever finishing them and I was fixated on the small insignificant stuff like trying to get my website perfect. Heather challenged my ideas and made me question whether they were valid or part of my shiny object procrastination. She helped get everything out of my head and onto paper and I was able to see what was viable and what was just procrastination. 

 Now I’m able to concentrate on the core parts of my business, whilst still coming up with new ideas. The difference now is that she has helped me to be able to really investigate whether they are viable ideas or just shiny object syndrome. Heather has taught me that when I feel resistance or stuck, to get everything out of my head and onto paper even if I never do anything with it, at least it’s out and not keeping me mentally cluttered. After working with Heather I was able to plan and execute my most successful launch to date and come up with a new program that has fantastic potential. Heather helped me to approach my work in a different way so that when I had the new idea I knew with confidence that it is viable program and not procrasta-creation. I wouldn’t be where I am now without Heather’s coaching.

I can’t recommend her enough.

Christina Oman


“We dived into my 90 day goals, we set out some plans, and Heather kept me accountable.

But most of all, it was just so supportive.  At that time, I didn’t feel like I had the support that I needed in my team and  business. It was so useful to have someone to bounce things off and to put things into perspective, to support me, to cheer me on.  I got so much done every time.  It really helped me keep motivated and keep on track. I’m so grateful for Heather, she is just the most genuinely sincere, gorgeous loving person who really wants to see you do your best and support you to achieve all your visions, your dreams and really get momentum in your business.  I definitely did feel that from her and I felt just a constant support by my side when we worked together. So thank you so much Heather.   Anyone who’s feeling a little overwhelmed and you’ve loads of tasks and you don’t know where to start,

I definitely recommend working with Heather to help you just line everything up and have that support to move through and tackle all of those things in a very easy, joyful way.”

Particia Lohan


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