The Joys of 90-Day Planning

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Planning for people who don’t like planning.

90-day planning – eurh no thanks! If you’re resistant to planning, know that it’s totally normal. Who wants to be confined and told what to do? Even if we’re the ones telling ourselves what to do! Freedom is one of our highest values, I get that, but sometimes we throw the baby out with the bathwater. We rob ourselves of the opportunity to have even more freedom, by implementing some simple, flexible planning.

90-day planning gives you a fresh start 4 times per year. You get to see exactly how you’re doing relative to your current goals, dreams and vision, as well as re-imagine and reset them to update them to the latest version of yourself and your business. It helps you to have a focus whilst remaining flexible so that your business grows in an enjoyable, easeful and mindful way.

Many women in business have done really well without a plan. They’ve followed their instincts and intuition, they’ve let their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit run wild. They’re magnetic and lovable and have charisma. Yet despite the swan-like appearance to the rest of the world, behind the scenes, they’re paddling so hard beneath the water to keep afloat.

If this is you, or you’re resistant to planning here’s 5 considerations which may help you to have that mindset shift you need to be able to embrace the joys of planning. If you can do this, you’ll find you have even more ease, joy and fun in and outside of your business.

5 fun facts to help you fall in love with 90-day planning

1. Your plan is not set in stone.

Your plan is only for now. You can change it at any time you want. In 90 days time, you will be writing a new one anyway. This is just for now. It’s a framework. It’s a beacon for you to head towards when you get overwhelmed.

2. You create the plan to serve you, you don’t serve the plan.

Your plan’s purpose is to serve you. It’s there to help you, to guide you. It’s your past self reaching out a helping hand to your future self to gift you some steadiness when you feel like you’re having a wobble. You don’t HAVE to follow your plan – follow it when it’s helpful to you. If you’re running along fine without it no problem, it’s there to fall back on if and when you need it.

3. Your plan contains the fun and pleasurable stuff.

It’s not just a great big long to-do list. You include the personal goals and habits you want to embody. Want to spend more time with friends? Put that in. Want to take up painting, learning an instrument, or dancing? Put that in too!

4. Your plan helps you to get clear about, and outsource the stuff that you don’t find pleasurable.

Your plan involves a review. You get to see what’s not working and what you’re not enjoying. You get to toss or outsource those bits! It’s too easy to keep on doing things which don’t light us up if we don’t regularly stop to take stock FOR OUR OWN BENEFIT.

5. Making a plan and not looking at it again, still holds value (shock horror.)

Although having a regular date with your plan will; help to remind you of the wisdom you had when making it, free up space to park some of your sparkly new ideas until later, have clarity about your priorities and timelines, enable you to see what you’ve got going on and what’s coming up, (plus ease your anxiety around all that you’ve got to do) and when your next holiday is! There is still value to creating a plan and never looking at it again.

Getting that clarity just once and then forgetting about it often allows you to be distracted by other things and release the resistance around any challenges which prevent you from moving towards your goal efficiently.

So I hope that you can begin to sense the benefits of 90-day planning, even if planning is something you’ve been resistant to until now. If you’d like someone who values freedom to walk you through the process, book in a chat and we’ll see if working with me would suit you and your business.

I plan to spend more time in nature this quarter. What do you plan to do? Drop me a line, I’d love to hear.

Heather from get Accomplished with Heather laying in a Heather plant, because she said she wants to spend more time in nature.