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Christina Oman

Christina Oman is an incredible weight loss and mindset coach. She passionately helps women overcome self-sabotage and address their weight and mindset. In addition, her Youtube channel has helped hundreds of thousands of women change their lives due to their interactions with her. Moreover, Christina’s coaching programs facilitate huge transformations for her participants in all areas of their lives.

She fearlessly gets in the trenches with her ladies and shares her incredible weight loss journey, ongoing experiments and transformations.  Christina fights against the ‘slim at any cost’ diet mentality as well as, promoting abundance of success and happiness in all areas of life.

The Podcast

In the podcast, we talked about the importance of discovering YOUR way of doing business. I shared a little about my becoming. We talked about how we both support people to accomplish more, with more ease. In fact, we chatted about key points such as manifesting, introversion, following our inspiration, and being our authentic self, as well.

The podcast is available on all platforms – check it out here.

Be sure to check out Christina, she’s such a generous and inspiring woman whose passion for self-improvement is palpable.

And her other podcast episodes here –

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Heather on The School of Self Improvement with Christina Oman