The Wonders of a 90-day Plan

Get Accomplished with Heather

When I finished my 90-day plan last week I felt exhilarated! I was on such a high I was literally buzzing.  I found this fascinating and tried to work out why.  Here’s what I came up with;

When I move through the workbook;

I get to acknowledge and celebrate my accomplishments. 

There are always way more than I think!  As a result I feel super Accomplished! I LOVE the feeling of Accomplishment.

I get clarity about what went well, what didn’t, what learnings I’ll bring forward into the next quarter. 

I realise that any perceived failures were actually great learning experiences which can and will take me to the next level of me AND my business.

I get to decide on my focus and strategies for the next 90-days, all of which are reverse engineered from my dream business and life.

I can feel steady, sure and confident in the coming weeks that I’m working on the right strategies and tasks for me, my clients and my business.

I get to schedule my holidays, breaks and spaciousness.

I create an abundance of time to fill my cup, refresh, relax, recuperate and have fun!

I get to become more realistic about how much I can get done in 12 weeks.

That way, I don’t end up disappointed if my expectations have been unrealistic and I don’t manage to get all the things done that I’d hoped. I’d much rather feel Accomplished at the end of the quarter!

I get to prioritise. I get to choose, I get to decide.

I get to take the reins of my business and life and have the CEO mindset during the ups AND downs of business and life.

I get to get all the thoughts that have been whirring round in my head down onto paper. I gain massive clarity and space to allow inspiration to flow.

All these these things lead to me feeling really really good.

That’s why I Love the 90-day planning process so much. And I Love to go through the process both for me AND with my clients.

If you’d Love to have a 90-day plan that not only feels REALLY good, but the accountability and mindset support to put the plan into action, message me at or book a call to chat.

Prices start at 144 Euros per month for my small group programme and 1515 Euros for one-on-one.