Transformation By Design

Get Accomplished with Heather

Transformation is inevitable. We learn, grow, experience – we transform. Are you taking the reins and designing your personal transformation? Or are you transforming by default depending on what life flows your way?

There’s no right or wrong as to whether you decide how you want things to be in your world and take action to get there, or just let life unfold and see what comes your way. Transformation is happening anyway.

Learning to embrace the opposites in life and the willingness to experience all aspects of ourselves gives us the tools and skills to guide the incredible transformations which are available to us. It’s often easier said than done though, because we are #human after all!

5 truths to help you take the reins of your transformation.

1. Remember that transformation is inevitable.

You are transforming in every single moment, even if you don’t feel like you are. With every new experience, learning, emotion, feeling, breath, you are a new person living in a brand new world. Nothing is the same as the moment before.

2. Know that whatever you want, there are a multitude, if not an infinite number of paths to get from here to there.

Whether you want to achieve a state of being, an income, relationship, or any other goal, there is no one way to get there. Many people will tell you otherwise! You’ll discover your route as you go. It’s ok to set off in one direction and then course correct. Or to take a totally different direction as you gain clarity about what you want, and more information and experience becomes available to you.

3. Learning to sense the movement between active & passive states whilst embracing both will get you ‘there’ quicker.

Doing and being, acting and relaxing, focusing and un-focusing. Finding more ways to cultivate both ends of the spectrum and sensing the movement between, enables us to both take the reins and guide our transformation AND allow in all the universe has in store for us. Check out WEOLA if you’re into woo-woo things and are serious about deepening your understanding and experiencing of this.

4. You deserve to live the life of your dreams, so allow yourself to dream.

It can be difficult to live the life of your dreams if you don’t know what your dreams are. It can also be difficult to recognise that you are living the life of your dreams and live in total appreciation of what you have created, if you didn’t have the conscious awareness of what you wanted in the first place. Give yourself time and permission to play, to imagine what would be really cool to – be, do, or have. It’s not set in stone, you can change it at any time you like. Just for now though, if you could have anything right now, what would it be? Do this regularly and have fun with it.

5. You are in the process of becoming your best self ALL THE TIME.

Just as a snake sheds its skin, we naturally let go of old ways of being as we develop new ways to be in the world. When we gift ourselves the knowing that all is well and we’re on the path to our dreams whether it feels that way or not, we more easily receive the delights which are available to us.

Transformation by design is the art of dreaming, taking inspired action, surrendering, and repeating.

If you can sense the truth in all this, but are wondering how to put it into practice in your business and life, get in touch and we can chat about ways that you can transform by design, rather than by default.

A snake skin in the sunlight signifying transformation.