Your Creative Business Plan Isn’t Working? What to do.

Get Accomplished with Heather

Being appropriately flexible in our business planning, and implementation, allows us to keep moving forward, if (and when!) the s**t, hits the fan!

We make a vision to action business plan which sounds and works beautifully at the time we create it.  The thing is, we’re not privy to what’s going to happen in the future. When the future becomes our now, and unexpected events have occurred, we may well need to change our plan.  Many of us use this as a reason to beat ourselves up and see ourselves as a failure.

I made a decision to call this inevitable plan changing, ‘course correction’.  I have discovered that course correction is an Accomplishment in itself.  It allows us to give ourselves permission to run our businesses with ease, without having to push on through when we’ve got new information to work with, whether that be; outside influences beyond our control, a change in our energy and/or capacity, or new opportunities which have arisen.

5 Tips to Course-Correct Your Business Plan Like a Pro!

1. Be both proactive and responsive in your business and life –

Making the plan and reviewing the plan is proactive and allows you to steer your ship towards your vision and dreams. Course correcting allows you to be responsive to the winds of change which inevitably come our way – embrace both!

2. Consistently re-prioritise –

This enables you to work efficiently in response to unpredictable (and sometimes predictable 😉 ) internal and external influences.  It’s OK for priorities to change, just ensure you take a good look at WHY you’re making the change.  Is it fear based? Or solution based?

3. Shelve it! Scrap things/projects/ideas which no longer serve you –

Just because you put something on your plan, doesn’t mean you HAVE to do it.  Be honest with yourself about why you put it there and why you no longer want to proceed with it.  Is it fear or procrastination that’s motivating you? Or is this thing really no longer serving you/lighting you up or is it just not possible due to outside influences? – either at all, or at this time.  If it’s not – postpone it, or scrap it!

4. Park it. Push things back if now is no longer the right time –

Just because you said you want something to happen at X time, doesn’t mean to say it HAS to happen then.  Examine the reason WHY it needs to happen then and ask yourself “Is that true?”  If it’s not, and you’re overwhelmed, but you know it’s something you still want to do, and it’s possible, push it back to a later date!

5. Look for feelings of relief/lightness –

Contrary to what many of us have been led to believe, business is allowed to be easy.  When course correcting, make sure you’re changing your plan to an idea or action that either feels better in itself, or the outcome of it feels better than the original plan.

You created your plan, you get to recreate it.  You deserve to have a life and business with enough spaciousness for you to enjoy your time inside and outside of work.  Gifting ourselves this spaciousness actually allows us to line up with more inspiration, and serendipitous liaisons.  We’ll work more efficiently, and experience more fun and magic!  Who doesn’t want that?

When we’re really overwhelmed it’s sometimes hard to see the wood from the trees, if you’d like a process which will help to lift you up out of the forest, so that you can see more clearly and therefore course correct with more ease, sign up here, you’ll get a PDF to print with video instructions about how you can take yourself from overwhelmed to uplifted whenever you’re feeling the pinch!

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