A Framework Is Not a Prison. Really!

Get Accomplished with Heather

The idea of designing a framework for what we do and when in our business can feel stifling.

Especially when we’ve got this far without one. Deep down though, we all know that we need a framework in place to reach the next levels of success. The trouble is, charisma can take you a very long way, but if you want a scaleable AND sustainable business, then you need a framework. When YOU design it to suit YOUR wants and needs, it doesn’t have to be suffocating. It can actually give you MORE space to do the things both in and outside of business that fill your cup. We just have to get past the idea that planning is the destroyer of creativity. (Honestly, it’s not!)

We all love to be in flow. You might be a bit (or a lot) of a rebel. I’m guessing you really don’t like to be told what to do (even by yourself 😂.) I get that. The beauty of building your own framework means that it’s just for you, just for now, you can change it if it doesn’t feel good to you anymore, You’ll always be updating it, shifting it and evolving it as you and your business grow.

3 reasons a framework will make your life easier.

1. Tasks will be much easier to delegate.

Those irritating tasks that wind you up and waste your time can more easily become someone else’s task. They’ll be clear about what they need to do and when they need to do it.

2. You can learn to become more realistic about how long things take.

Putting too much on a plan (even if it’s a mental plan) over and over again can lead to comparisonitis, thinking we should be further along than we are. When we begin to learn how long it takes us and our team to really do things, we can begin to let go of the ‘shoulds’ about where we think we ‘should.’ be and begin to enjoy the journey even more.

3. You are in a position to see where and when you have free time.

Yes that’s right! Free time. You know you didn’t start this business to work more hours than an employee. Having a framework enables you to factor in white space to do as you please. Lunch with your girlfriends? Massage? Swim? Walk in nature? Netflix Binge? Or crack on with that new project you conjured up this morning. The choice is yours, but the white space enables you to breathe more easily, allow inspiration to flow and have more fun.

You can be doing the stuff that gives you a buzz in your business. Not the stuff that drains you. Taking the reins and designing a framework that works for you right now can lead you to that life you’ve been dreaming about.

If you’d like to chat about how I can help you to design a framework that works for you and your business right now, book a discovery call here. I’d love to chat.

Heather Robinson from Get Accomplished With Heather lying on a day bed with shadows from the slats representing a prison