How To Plan My Week So That I’m Calm, Organised and In Control

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There are a million different ways to plan your week so that you feel organised and in control, and get stuff done. Different ways will work at different times. The key is to try different methods and stick with the ones that work until they don’t work anymore.

My plan and planning technique has evolved over time and yours will too. I sometimes go back to old ways of doing things before moving into something new.

When starting a new method, a checklist is a really good way to help it become a habit. Once you’ve been ticking off your checklist for a while, it’s likely you won’t need it anymore. It also enables you to add or remove steps as needed.

You can plan digitally with the help of tools and apps such as spreadsheets, Google docs/Word/Pages, or project management apps such as Trello, Asana, ClickUp and the like.

You can plan with a pen and paper/notebook, sticky post-it notes, or a physical planner. I use my 90-day plan workbook.

Or you can use a combination of the above which is what I do.

When your weekly plan ties in with your 90-day plan, you know you’re moving towards the vision and goals you’ve set for yourself. Therefore to plan like a pro, you need your 90-day plan handy in order to plan your week.

I set aside an hour each Monday morning to do my planning. I do it during the co-working session I host for my clients. That way I always get the week off on the right foot, knowing what I’ve got coming up and my intentions for the week.

I complete my tasks in no particular order, it changes each week depending on how I feel, but so long as they all get done, I’m set for the week.

I Get My Email Inbox to Zero.

A full and cluttered inbox not only leads to a cluttered mind but means you might miss out on important communications. Whether it be a client inquiry, a financial demand, a deadline, a subscription renewal reminder, or an exciting opportunity, if you’re not on top of your inbox, you set yourself up for disappointment later.

I do my best to address my inbox on a daily basis, but having this weekly task in place means that if I miss a few days or have a digitally free weekend, it never gets out of hand.

I Clear My Desk and Do My Filing.

A cluttered environment leads to a cluttered mind and causes me low-level anxiety. If things pile up you waste time in the future trying to find stuff. That said, I’m not a naturally tidy person, so again having this down as a weekly task means that if I have slacked off and not put things away after me, it never gets too out of hand.

I have a massive desk which doubles as the workspace for my mosaic class which I run once a week. Making sure it’s clear each week means I have less to prepare for the class.

I Check My 90-day Plan

Scan 3-year, 1-year, & 90-day vision and wishlist.

It’s easy to get stuck in the trenches of the day-to-day running of your business and to forget the bigger picture of where you’re going and why. By revisiting your short, medium and long-term vision each week it’ll help you stay in touch with your exciting bigger picture view and to get that active in your vibration on a regular basis. It only takes a couple of minutes maximum, but is guaranteed to keep you on track and ease you through the less enjoyable daily tasks which you haven’t yet outsourced.

Look at my 90-day Goal sheet and Month to view sheet.

This will tell me exactly what I need to be doing this week in order to reach my goals according to past me. It enables me to see if I’m on track for the quarter, or whether I need to course correct.

I Check My Digital Calendar

If I don’t check my calendar at the beginning of the week and transfer the appointments to my weekly review sheet I will invariably forget or miss appointments. It’s such a simple thing and takes only five minutes, but it saves me from being disappointed with myself for being disorganised or missing appointments. There are so many times I’ve discovered that I’ve double booked myself! It doesn’t matter though because I’m able to rearrange one of the commitments in advance. It also enables me to see clearly what space so have in the week to work on my big projects or to take rest, relaxation and have leisure time.

I used to – and many of my clients find it helpful to fill in the ‘Week to a page sheet’ found in the 90-day plan. It helps to see your appointments for the week on a page, and exactly what space you have available for other things. It also means you’re more likely to remember what you’ve got going on each week because you’ve mindfully acknowledged each appointment and committed pen to
paper as a sign of your intent to show up. Colour coding always helps here as it not only makes it clearer but also more fun.

I now just put a list of my appointments on my review sheet under action steps.

I Fill In My Weekly Review Sheet.

It’s a simple one-page document with three columns;


Doing this every week allows me to see just how much I have accomplished. Nearly every week I think I didn’t do much last week. However, when I sit down to write, I’m always pleasantly surprised by what I’ve achieved. This goes for all my clients too. Regularly focusing on your accomplishments get’s “I am accomplished” or “I accomplish a lot” active in your vibration, which not only means you accomplish more with more ease each week, but it decreases, if not dissolves the dreaded imposter syndrome which is such a common companion to many business owners. I include business and personal accomplishments here. I look at my action steps and calendar from last week. This allows me to jog my memory about all that I have accomplished.


This is a space to quickly journal about the things that haven’t gone to plan or haven’t gone so well. It’s amazing what insights arise when we write out what we’re struggling with or find a challenge. Use this space expecting your inner wisdom to give you solutions and it invariably will!

Action steps for the week

This is where I put my ‘to-do’ list for the week, as well as listing my appointments. This way, each morning when I sit at my desk, I just need to look at this column and I can see exactly what I need to do.

I fill it out from A) looking at my month-to-view page from my 90-day plan; I’ll already have planned what I need to do this week. B) Checking my action steps from the previous week; are there any that I didn’t complete? C) Checking my digital calendar. (See above.)

I Update My Personal Tasks Sheet.

Having post-it notes on an A4 sheet with all my nonbusiness-related tasks keeps them front of mind. I remove any of them that I’ve completed or add things that come up.

Finally, I Pick My NineTomatoes Card for the week.

I always pick a NineTomatoes oracle card for the week for all my clients and for myself. It helps me to get in touch with my intuition and the creative right side of the brain. And, reminds me that there are forces bigger than myself at work and that I am supported by my guides and nonphysical helpers. Also, it gives me a different perspective to think about and is invariably incredibly affirming. It also adds some fun and intrigue to my planning session and sets me up beautifully for the week.

My clients love receiving their cards and often remark about how perfect it is for them that week. I Love to bring a little magic into our sessions!

So that’s how I currently plan my week. It will change and evolve as I discover practices I want to add or improve current practices. Or I become bored of how I’m doing things now. If boredom kicks in, I’ll change things up to keep me engaged. All this can be done digitally or on paper. You just need to play with it and find what works for you.

How do you know when it’s working? And what will this weekly time investment give you? You’ll start each week with clarity, feeling organised and in control. You’ll work more efficiently, waste less time, and get more done!

If you’d like support to go from overwhelmed and disorganised, to in-control and productive, we can do that.

In my programs, we fill in your 90-day plan together. Then, we meet once a week to plan your week and have coaching sessions every other week to keep you on track. Also, to make sure the plan actually gets put into practice.

One-on-one and small-group programs are available. Pricing starts at just 144 per month.
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