Scheduling IS Sexy!

Get Accomplished with Heather

A creative mind can find the idea of sitting and writing down a bunch of dates on a calendar BORING as hell. The reality of scheduling is something very different.

Having a ton of ideas and plenty of days where things must happen and then a bunch of days where you’d like things to happen, can leave your mind feeling fuzzy, wooly, or a plain hot mess!

Scheduling or putting various dates on your online calendar, or into your paper diary tends to help you see what appointments you’ve got going on each week.  However, it often doesn’t make it easy and clear to see exactly how much space you’ve got available.  

You might need to fit in that extra launch you’ve just had a brilliant idea for, can you see clearly if there’s enough time to promo? Perhaps you’re launching two creations too close together and confusing your audience. Can you easily tell?  Can you see that you’ve got holidays and breaks booked in at regular intervals?

I’ve discovered that having a paper sheet showing each month of the quarter, plus one which shows the whole quarter, enables you to add just your key dates which are already set and then you can easily see where you’ve got space and where you need more space.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I go through this process with a client and they physically exhale a big sigh of relief and say  “I feel so much better now.”

It enables them to see whether they really have got time for that launch, and if not, gets them thinking about what they can do instead.  

It helps them to see whether or not they are taking regular breaks.  They can now see clearly if and when things are going to get busy so they can prepare for that and to plan for a quiet week afterward for rest and recovery.  They can see how to prioritise self-care and celebration even more than normal.

If you’d like a copy of the sheets I use myself and with my clients, send me an email at heather@getaccomplishedwithheather, I’d be happy to share.

How to fill in your month or quarter to view pdf.  

Anything that has moveable dates – write in pencil. Anything that’s set, write in pen.

You can group similar activities by using the same coloured pen or highlighter for each of them (makes it easier to read and much more fun!)

1. Enter the dates.

Start by entering the dates for the current month or quarter.

2. Add any holidays you already have booked.

If you don’t have any, address that right now. A staycation or homeliday is just as valuable as going away.

3. Add any key dates you already have scheduled. 

It might be a current course or program delivery, talks you’ll be doing, or training you’ll be delivering or attending.  Also add non-negotiable non-business appointments such as health, and self-care appointments or social events.

4. Now look and see where you have gaps

See where you have space available and choose what would make sense for you to put where. Do you have a new product to launch? Are you re-launching an existing product?  How long do they take to deliver? How many weeks do you need to promo? What behind the scenes projects have you got going on and where can you fit them? 

5. Assess 

Once you’ve got everything down, take another look. Have you crammed too much in? Are you going to have a calm, relaxed, yet stimulating few months? Or are you going to be worn out and ragged? If the latter is true, what can you take out? What can you push back to later, whilst still prioritising income? How can you make this easier? Where are you overcomplicating or over-delivering?

Cramming too much can set yourself up for disappointment. Allowing white space in your month gives you the breathing space to not only get the stuff done that inevitably took longer than you thought, but to take inspired action on the new ideas which inevitably bubble up.  AND still get the stuff done in your plan. If you will allow yourself……. You could even take some extra well-deserved leisure time doing the things that bring you joy!  

Scheduling what goes where on your calendar, whilst being mindful of white space and wriggle room sets you up for success. It gives you peace of mind and a visual representation of what’s happening and when.

If you’d like help with your planning and the support and accountability to get the plan into action, get in touch. I have a variety of ways we can work together so that you can feel the progress of your business.