Planning As A Meta Skill For Getting Stuff Done

Get Accomplished with Heather

Once you learn a planning technique for the next 90 days in your business and implement it, you can use the same process again and again.  

The extra bonus is you can use it not only in planning every future 90 days in your business, but for anything else you want to accomplish in life. It’s a totally invaluable and transferable skill.

If achieving your goals is a challenge, and let’s face it, we normally set a goal because it’s a bit, (or a lot) of a challenge, then having a planning process to give you clarity and to break down the steps to get you where you’re going – is invaluable.  Whether it’s business, health, relationships, work, home, or any other areas you want to make changes in, a planning process can get you there quicker, with more ease.

5 ways to use your 90-Day business planner in other areas of your life.

1. Identify what you HAVE accomplished, in this area and/or other areas of your life.

It can be so easy to focus on what you haven’t accomplished. Sometimes, you forget all the resources you already have which have led you to accomplish lots of things.  Reminding yourself of what you have achieved will set you up with a good frame of mind to tackle your next steps towards your next big goals.

2. Identify your long, medium and short-term vision. Whether it’s health, relationships, finances, or any other area of your life.

Having the space to ponder and write your long, medium and short-term vision enables you to get really clear about where you’re headed, no matter what area of your life you’re focusing on.  You’ll get where you’re going much more efficiently if you know where it is that you’re going.

3. Brainstorm ways to make it happen

You don’t need to know the ‘how’ of every single step to get you to your goal when you make your plan, but it will help you to decide what is the next right step.  Knowing the next right step takes you out of overwhelm and into action.

4. Schedule when you’ll take action in your diary. 

Whether it’s action steps you know you need to take, habit tracking or creating space to work on this goal.  Committing time to the diary helps to get the stuff done. Committing to checking your diary each day means things don’t get overlooked.

5. Review how you’re doing and course correct.

Regularly reviewing how you’re tracking with your plan and whether you need to course correct, either strategically or mindset-wise, helps you; take other life factors into account, intentionally learn from your experiences and keep the momentum going towards your goal.

Once you have a good planning process that supports you to take the actions you need to achieve your goals, you can use it in any area of your life.  No need for drifting aimlessly and hoping you’ll achieve the life of your dreams, you can mindfully take steps to take you there.

If you’d like support to get you feeling accomplished in any area of your life, do get in touch, book a call here for a no-obligation chat to see how I can help you.