Quarterly Planning and Resourcefulness

Get Accomplished with Heather

You are resourceful. When creating your Quarterly plan, make the most of the current and future resources you have available to you.

If you are alive, you have resources. At different times in business and life, you have access to more or fewer resources.  Planning being resourceful, and course-correcting accordingly are vital to moving you to your goals and dreams.

Sometimes you’ll feel and be abundant with all the resources you have available to you, other times some will feel abundant in some areas whereas others – not so much. And there’ll be those times when it feels as though you have no resources available to you. This is very rarely true even though it may feel like it.

Whether you’re in that wonderful abundant state or feeling somewhat lacking, here are some top tips to consider so that you can maximise all you have available to you.

5  Resources To Optimise So that You Can Capitalise on what you already have.

1. Energy –

I have a lot – Great! Use it to do the things you love to do and work towards outsourcing the rest!  Put all those things on your plan which you know will turn the dial on your business and life and keep on doing the things you know give you this energy and appreciate this incredible resource.

I have a little – I know firsthand the struggles of low energy.  It’s easy to be down on yourself when you don’t have the get-up and go, to get-up and go, despite your big dreams.  

The first thing to remember is, that if you are alive, you do have some energy. That is worth appreciating, things can always improve. 

On a daily basis find a way to make peace with where you are, then, take tiny steps of self-care, using your tools and the resources below to maintain the energy you do have.  Even with the lowest of energy, meditation is available to you.  

Put in your plan the tools that you’ll use to maintain and then grow your energy.

Learn to work with your ebbs and flow of energy, doing more when you have more, without over doing it (talking to myself there!) and doing less when you have less, without beating yourself up for your current state.

Be realistic about how much you put in your plan and allow plenty of wriggle room for those times when your energy is low.  Business and life is a marathon, it doesn’t have to involve a sprint!

2. Money –

I have a lot – Fantastic! What are you going to do with it? Outsource the things you don’t like? Invest in education and strategic growth, both personal and business? Travel? Buy property? Invest? Aquire support in the home or business? Buy beautiful things? Become a philanthropist? The list is endless and you get to choose.  What’s most important to you? What will bring you the most pleasure, security, impact? Do you need advice regarding your money, finances and investments?  Put in the plan the things you will pursue this quarter with your money.   

I have a little – If you don’t have much money, the chances are you are experiencing a poverty mindset to some degree.  Shifting this can be such a game changer because even if nothing changes on the outside, you’ll feel so much better on the inside.  Money mindset isn’t something you do once, it’s something that needs to be revisited again and again, as new limiting beliefs comes up to clear.  Denise Duffield Thomas’s book – Get Rich Lucky Bitch can help you to transform your money mindset and begin to allow more abundance into your life.  Put it on your plan.

Even with small amounts of money available to you, you need to have a plan for it AND how to increase it.  Money is a tool which gives you access to more opportunities.  Make a list of what you’ll spend your money on when you do have it. What are the most important things? How could you take steps towards having those things now?  When we make a plan of what we want it’s often surprising about how quickly we can bring those things into our lives when they seemed like an unlikely dream.

3. Knowledge & Experience –

I have a lot – Knowledge is power. It’s something we acquire and we disseminate.  How will you use your current knowledge and experience to move your business and life forward.  Is there new know-how that would be useful to acquire? Celebrate your wisdom and use it to your benefit.  Use your experience, both good and bad, to launch you into your next stage of business and life.

I have a little – A little knowledge goes a long way, and again, if you are alive, you have experience.  It’s often comparison with others that leads you to feel you don’t have much knowledge or experience.  You have plenty to move you to the next stage of your business and life.  There is so much value in learning new skills, but equally, double check with yourself if you really do need that course you’re about to buy? How is it going to move you forward? Do you have the time available to complete it? Could you carry on and be successful without the course? Are you trying to fill a self-worth void? Capitalise on what you already know by doing regular reviews and then fill your knowledge gaps.

4. Network –

I have a lot – Having a big network is a wonderful resource.  People from all areas of life can provide support and collaboration in so many ways. Reach out to your network regularly to see how you can serve them. What you give out comes back tenfold!  Remember also to ask when you need help and seek out win-win collaborations.

I have a little – Even a very small network can provide huge opportunities for support and collaboration. When thinking of your network remember to consider family, friends, colleagues, peers, business buddies, online friends, clients and service providers.  You probably have a much bigger network than you realise.  Make a habit of reaching out to people in your network regularly to see how they’re doing and whether you can help them in any way.  Don’t be afraid also to ask for help, remember people can always say no!

5.  Nature – 

I have a lot – Nature is that wonderful, free, soul nourishing resource which is available to us all.  If you already understand it’s power and availability to you, you’re probably already communing with it on a daily basis. If not, how can you increase your contact with and be more mindful of nature and it’s refuelling properties?

I have a little – Even if you live in a city, you can develop a regular relationship with nature.  How can you bring more nature into your life? Whether it’s pets or plants in the home, looking out the window at the sky, going to a park, seeking out trees and birds, focusing on and allowing natures energy in, is a free refuelling resource that is available to all. Maximise your contact with nature to begin to increase your feelings of abundance.

So wherever you are on the abundant scale with each of these items, know that you maximise each one from where you are right now.  As with everything, appreciating what you do have makes it grow, so whether you have a little or a lot, appreciate what you do have.

If you’d like help to create a plan to maximise your resources, plus the support and accountability to get the plan into action, get in touch at heather@getaccomplishedwithheather.com